Thai To Go! Thailand And Some Of Its Highlights


For many, happiness in life is all about traveling and broadening the mind. When it comes to broadening the mind, and ensuring you get a few perfect sights seen at the same time, Thailand can seem far removed from normal civilization, which makes it the perfect opportunity to get away from life as we know it. At the same time, there are plenty of things to keep the budding tourists and well-seasoned traveler entertained.

The Grand Palace

The beating heart of Bangkok is this world famous attraction. With 218,400 square meters of veritable tourist attractions, from the Inner Court to the Amarinder Hall and Bormabiman Hall, there are many things to feast your eyes on. Remember, there is a very strict dress code that you have to adhere to if you want to enter The Grand Palace. It’s Thailand’s biggest attraction, but also the most sacred of sites.

Pattaya Park

What was once a lot of jungle land is now home to numerous attractions that feast the eyes, ears, and mouth. You can head to Pattaya Park and make the most of the theme parks, restaurants, and hotels, especially those started by the CEO of New Nordic International Kurt Svendheim, but in Pattaya, you’ve got plenty of options.

Jomtien Beach

Pattaya Park is part of Jomtien Beach, but there are so many attractions that need to make your list. The Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is 2.4 sq km of amazing designs and the garden’s range of plants, from cacti to more than 670 species of orchid, makes it a highlight of the Far East. If you’re looking for a transcendental experience, Buddha Mountain can provide that for you. The image of Buddha carved into the side of a mountain and glittering with gold can give you goosebumps, especially during the less touristy times when it’s just you and a handful of loved ones.

How Much Adventure Do You Want?

One of the most popular attractions in Thailand, hands down, is the Flight Of The Gibbon in Chiang Mai. Far from it just being a zip line excursion, you’ve got more than 6 km to explore the ancient rainforest. In addition to this, you will encounter some super rare animals, not to mention the gibbon in question. And if you want something a bit more high up in the air, there are plenty of skydiving opportunities!

How Hungry Are You?

We can’t talk about Thailand without talking about amazing food. If you want the authentic street food experience, you never have to go far to taste mouthwatering dishes that will keep you satisfied in your stomach and your wallet! It’s amazing that food this tasty is so cheap! And if you really want to delve deep into the rigors of Thai cuisine, you can take a cooking class with a local chef. This usually consists of visiting a local market to get the relevant ingredients, and from there, the chef takes you through the preparation process, giving you an arsenal of food in your memory banks and in your stomach.

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