10 Days Around Europe

Europe is one of those places that deserves multiple trips. However, when you’re short on time and money, you might want to schedule an overview holiday that takes you through the most famous places across Europe. A 10-day trip can give you plenty of time to gain a first impression of the old continent while leaving a lot of room to come back and explore further. You’re lucky in one sense about Europe; while the history dates back to the Greek and Roman Empires, many countries have a shared past. Therefore it’s easy to spend only a couple of days in each location and still get a feel of what it’s like to live in Europe.


Day 1 to 3: Dive into the Roman Empire

It makes sense to start your trip in Italy, the place of birth of the Roman Empire. Visiting Italy feels very much like walking through a history book, with buildings and monuments from different eras cohabiting peacefully. You’ll find that it’s impossible to get around with a car. However, refrain from renting a vehicle and opt for hiring a professional chauffeur from a company such as WhereToRome, as you can benefit not only from their knowledge of the road but also from their understanding of local culture and history. Start your trip in Rome, by the Colosseum, one of the most magnificent structures in place. From Rome, you can also book a trip to Pompei for a taste of the past, and then head to Florence for a dive into the Italian Renaissance. Click here if you are looking for more options for Day trip to Rome. 

Day 4-5: Check those luscious green Alps

If you head North from Italy, you’ll soon hit the Alps, which expand across Austria, France, Switzerland and Italy. Let your journey take you to Lucerne, a beautifully preserved medieval Swiss that sits along the Lake Lucerne and amid the snowcapped mountains. Lucerne is in the German-speaking part of the country. Rich in history – starting immediately after the fall of the Roman Empire –, the city combines a modern lifestyle with peaceful natural landscapes.

Day 6: The most romantic city on Earth

After one of the greenest city in Europe, head to the most romantic place for a day, Paris. If you’re up for a walking challenge, you can walk through the main attractions in town within a day, accumulating over 34,000 steps. Due to recent events, you might have to skip Notre Dame; however, you can still gain a feel for the cathedral from the sides of the Seine river.

Day 7 & 8: Taste the honest beer

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is home to some of the most beautiful beer gardens in Germany, starting with the Augustiner Bräustuben, a typical Bavarian-style restaurant with locally-brewed beer. If you prefer something a little more international, you should try the Hirschgarten, which is located in the park that bears the same name.

Taste local beers

Day 9 & 10: Discover the world of Harry Potter

Last, but not least, head to the UK for a Harry Potter experience. London is full of exciting spots for the fans of the magical saga. Hogwarts is only a train trip away, in Northumberland – the site is called Alnwick castle.

Alnwick Castle  

Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany and the UK, your European trip takes you through some of the most famous locations. If you happen to have more time, make sure to add Spain and the Czech Republic to the list of countries!

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