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Hi, I am Madhu.

Originally I am from the Central India, currently living in Bangalore.Needless to say, I am a passionate traveler. I belong to a family of travel freaks, right from my grandfather to my Parents and now me & my sister. Traveling is the inheritance we got from our family. This love for traveling moved a notch higher when I started documenting my travel stories in “Madhuonthego”. So far I have traveled to 11 countries and more than 30 cities.. and still counting.Do checkout my daily adventures on my Instagram handle @madhuonthego

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My Story – Just a girl next door

No, I am not a full-time traveler

I haven’t quit my job to live a nomadic life (Although I did quit my well-paid job in 2019)

I am not a backpacker

I haven’t lived in some unknown place for months

I am not a solo traveler

In a nutshell,  I don’t have an intriguing movie-like story of some sort of transformation. Although I feel, traveling itself is a strong transformation agent and it has transformed me for good.

I am an MBA in Marketing, a certified Soft skills trainer, and an Image consultant. I worked in corporates for almost 12 years, started as a Management Trainee, and grown to a Marketing Head for Indian operations of a multinational company. Along with traveling, Marketing & communications have been my passion too. My profession allowed me to explore different parts of the world and keep my love for travel alive.

After slogging for years, achieving the desired promotions, I realised that this was not my calling. So I decided to take up a new challenge. In 2019, I quit my job to follow my passion for Travelling as well as Marketing.

Currently, apart from traveling, I work as a Marketing Consultant, Digital content creator, and Transformation coach. I am a co-founder of Practive, where we work towards offering Practical & Positive transformation to smart professionals.

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I was ambitious and workaholic, during my maternity break, I started documenting my travel stories to keep myself occupied and try something which I always wanted to do. I started posting my articles in the travel community websites. After receiving a great response from there, the idea of starting my website came to my mind.

That’s how ‘Madhuonthego’ came into existence. Initially, it was challenging to learn the nuances of managing a website along with work. But things kept going. I still try to learn something new and apply in on my blog.

My Blog – What’s my kind of travel

I strongly feel, any travel is an enriching experience and that’s what I try to capture in my blogs. I travel with my family & friends, and the objective of my blog is to inspire everyone to travel & explore the world in some way or the other.

Being an experiential traveler and lifestyle blogger, I love to gather experiences right from the finest of hotels, to indulging in a unique spa, visiting exotic cafes, living in eco-friendly places, trekking, and spending nights in a tent under the star. I like to experience it all, not only just luxury. Travel in style is my mantra, I love to dress right for right occasion (this comes from being an image consultant)

I am passionate about sustainable and eco-friendly traveling. Something that’s the need of the hour and being sensitive towards our environment is the responsibility of every traveler.

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Things I care about, apart from travel

  • My Family- My 4 year old son is apple of my eye and fills my world with laughter and happiness, along with the love of my life, my better half
  • I am a shopaholic, it always helps me uplift my mood
  • Environment & nature, something I deeply care for
  • I am a vegetarian, believe in using vegan, organic and sustainable products
  • I love to read, watch movies, go for walks and swim 

My Dream Destination.  Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 5.56.26 PM

Talk about dream destination.. n I will switch off to daydreaming mode. There are many places I dream of visiting but my top 10 picks are

1)    Iceland

2)    Antarctica

3)    Hawaii

4)    Italy

5)    Ladakh

6)    France

7)    Alberta, Canada

8)    New Zealand

9)    Bolivia

10)    Maldives

Travel has helped me learn many things. To sum it all, It has helped me discover myself.

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I hope my travel stories will entertain and inspire you to go out there and explore this beautiful world.

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