Hi friends, I am Madhulika, my friends call me Madhu. A Marketing professional who loves to travel and explore the world. I have been bitten and smitten by the travel bug right from childhood n this love for travelling runs through our family.

Madhuonthego is a one stop destination for all my travel experiences and I hope this will help you in some way or the other.
Like most of the travel bloggers, I usually don’t travel solo and I am not a bag-packer either (though someday I would love to go through bag packing experience).I travel with my family or friends and love to treasure experiences ranging from luxury stay ,spa, theme restaurants, adventure activities to budget trips.
My dream is to travel round the world,so practically my wish list is never empty. I love to explore unheard off beat destinations. 20140828_155322.jpg
Other than travelling I like to try out different cuisines and experience new restaurants. I am a vegetarian by choice.


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