5 Things to remember for first time travellers

So you’ve just set foot in a new country, what next? Everything is now very new to you; the food, the culture, the weather, and even the side of the road they drive on! Adjusting to a new environment, even temporarily can be difficult, even for the most seasoned of travellers. This alone may be a reason that you’ve put off travelling for so long, but it doesn’t have to be that way! With a few simple tips on board your travelling experience will be made a thousand times easier, so check them out!

Learn the lingo

If you’re headed somewhere that speaks a different language, it’s in your best interest to learn some of the lingo. Not only can it help you communicate with locals, but it could potentially save your life if needed. Learn words such as “help”, “hurt” and “hospital” so that if you do become sick or injured, you can manoeuvre your way to medical help. Other words like “Hello”, “thank you” etc can help you bond with locals. Borrow a book from your library to learn basic language and remember, Google can help with pronouncing the words too!

Protect yourself

Speaking of staying safe, you should always have travel insurance. Even if you’re spending a few days away it’s important to make sure that you’re protected. Foreign countries could pose risks of diseases and illnesses that you’ve never heard of. Speak to your GP/Doctor to find out if you need any vaccines before travelling, and make sure that you’re also covered for accidents that may happen while travelling. This article is really helpful – https://budgetboost.co/travelers-insurance-review/

Try everything once

When visiting a new country or new part of a country, you should make the most of it! Holding back from trying new things could leave you wondering “what if?”. So, take the skydive, camp in the woods, and swim with sharks or just try out local cuisines. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Keep your camera handy!

There is nothing like witnessing new places by your own eyes. But sometimes, being able to look back at those memories is even better. While you should be living life to the full and taking every moment as it comes, wouldn’t it be nice to share these memories with people back at home? Be sure to take a shot every now and to treasure the beautiful memories and cherish them forever.

Experience the nightlife

Finally, they say that you’ve never truly experienced a city until you’ve spent a night there, so do exactly that! We don’t necessarily mean going on a bar crawl either, as many cultures have different ways of living their lives such as festivals, campfires, night markets and even rituals. Experiencing the nightlife in every new place you come across, will give you memories that you’ll never forget.

Travelling can be daunting but with these tips, you’ll soon be spreading your wings and trying new places!

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