ArtScience Museum Singapore, Perfect visual & sensory treat – All you need to know

I am not a big fan of Sci-fi movies or the big fuss they make about futuristic world. All of it feels so mechanical and lacking emotions. Trip to Science Museum? Doesn’t sound much interesting either. 

But visit to ArtScience Museum changed this perception completely, making me realize how magic is created when art and science are combined together.

ArtScience Museum entrance

Moment we entered the museum, it was like being transported to a magical world. Colorful, lively and interactive. It was a completely new experience for us, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact I would say it left us mesmerized. A perfect visual and sensory treat is created with impeccable blend of Science and art. 

So if you are planning to visit Singapore, This place should definitely be a part of your Singapore itinerary specially if you are travelling with kids. 

This post covers all the information required to visit ArtScience museum, along with some tips to make your visit easy and fun. Spoiler Alert, this post is loaded with lot of pictures and videos as I feel something this stunning can be enjoyed most and best only visually !

waterlilies at the entrance

About ArtScience Museum, Singapore 

Unique lotus shaped building in Marina bay is one of the iconic landmarks of Singapore and houses the ArtScience Museum. Opened in Feb 2011, the ArtScience museum has 21 gallery spaces, spanning around 5000 m2.The Museum is operated and owned by Marina bay sands .

Museum blends different aspects like Art, Science, Culture and technology together to create a glimpse of futuristic world, by using the cutting edge interactive and visual technology. The Museum houses permanent exhibitions, seasonal exhibitions, events and workshops. 

Check-out the details of the events and seasonal exhibitions running in their official site

Amidst flowers in Digital garden

Future world- Where art meets science 

Future world will surely leave you and your little one spellbound. Permanent exhibition at the Museum, it showcases the mesmerising futuristic world, where magic is created using the state of art interactive digital technology. 

Future world takes you to a journey through 5 differentsections including Nature, Town, Sanctuary, Park and Space. 


Beautiful digital garden with a breathtaking waterfall, surrounded by butterflies and colorful flowers greets you, the moment you enter the Museum. Nature gallery connects you with the nature through interactive technology. This was one of our favorite zone at the Future World.

Interactive waterfall, ArtScience Museum


This section has a large wall, showcasing a bustling and lively cityscape where visitor-generated input builds and populates virtual towns. It was fascinating to see, how pictures drawn by the children gets transported and moving on the digital wall, along with the name of the kid who coloured it.

Best place to make kids sit in one place for some time.

digital town
games for kids
Future world
Whales moving on the floor, don’t step on it or they run away 🙂


This section will immerse you in the calm digital wonderland with its different interactive art forms.

Digital art form


This gallery is surely happy and engaging zone for the Kids. Huge glowing balls suspended over the ceiling and scattered in the play area, creates a magical effect. The interactive, colorful games will surely keep the kids occupied. Infact it was really challenging to make them move from this section. I loved the beautiful art wall, where the landscape kept on changing. Very calming & smoothing effect. 

digital interactive art wall, the perfect ever changing backdrop


The most profound part of the Museum, space will definitely take your breath away. With its glowing light strings which changes colors, cosmos creates an awe-inspiring effect.  

Mesmerised ! , ArtScience Museum, Singapore

Other exhibitions at ArtSceince Museum includes wonderland, floating utopias, Rewild our planet, Into the wild. 

Apart from this, there are many events and activities organized at the museum.  


ArtScience Museum is located in the Marina Bay Complex in the central area of Singapore. Apart from the ArtScience Museum, Marina bay also offers a host of other activities. Check out my previous blog to know more. Click here. A day in Marina bay sands with family

How to reach 

You can reach Marina Bay Sands through taxi, buses or MRT. While using MRT as mode of transport, Please ensure to get down at Bay front station and not on Marina Bay station, until and unless you are up from some walk. 


10 am to 7 pm (last entry at 5.30 pm.)

Entry fee

Few important points 

Different options are available depending upon what you want to see. Art Science Museum tickets can either be purchased online or from the ArtScience Museum’s Box office. Tickets are also available at the Sands Theatre Box Office (B1, Marina Bay Sands). Checkout the link for more details.

  • It will take around 1 to 1.5 hour to visit the museum.
  • Before purchasing the tickets, opt for Sands reward program to avail the discount. 
  • Since food is not allowed inside the museum, it’s a good idea to visit the museum after breakfast or lunch. Especially when travelling with the kids. 

To conclude, there are some things which can not be discribed or explained and you need to see it to believe it. ArtScience Museum is one such place.

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22 thoughts on “ArtScience Museum Singapore, Perfect visual & sensory treat – All you need to know

  1. I used to just scoff by museums when I traveled, but it’s spots like this that make me want to explore every single one. So interesting!

  2. I’m hoping to visit Singapore someday and will add a visit to the Art Science Museum to my list of must-see places. I loved the video – nice touch!

  3. Been seeing this everywhere! I’ve had a few friends go here and they loved it. Can’t wait to see it for myself 😍

  4. I’m not a fan of sci-fi either, so if I’ve seen this museum in a guide I would have skipped it. But reading you post and seeing your beautiful photos, I have to think again. It looks so cool! It shouldn’t surprise me considering Singapore is really cool, but it did. Now it’s on my list! Thanks for sharing all the details!

  5. Stunning! I can’t decide is this looks like Monet’s gardens or ScienceNorth in Sudbury (Canada)! Maybe both! Looks enjoyable and I think it would be great fun for the whole family!

  6. What a great experience to share with your kids. It looks like the perfect place to unleash your creativity and get inspired. Plus, as an adult I would totally enjoy it too!

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