Restaurant Review: Alice’s Restaurant, Woodside, California, A must visit restaurant in Skyline Boulevard

You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant- A 1960’s song by Arlo Guthrie

And guess what? Alice’s Restaurant does exist in reality, in the middle of beautiful woods. At a picture-perfect location.

During our recent visit to San Francisco, my sister described it as a restaurant in the middle of the woods, where you can see the best of bikes and luxury cars. The idea of having a meal amidst nature sounded exciting. So, we somehow accommodated visit to Alice’s in our already packed itinerary. And I am glad that we made it.

One of the weekends, we drove from Saint Mateo to Alice’s restaurant for Brunch. We enjoyed the long and scenic drive through mountains and woods. Here’s a review of the restaurant and our experience.

Across the road, Alice's restaurant.jpg
Alice’s Restaurant, Woodside, California

The Place & Location

Alice’s restaurant is a hidden gem located in the Skyline Blvd, about an hour’s drive from San Francisco. The skyline Boulevard (California state route 35) is a scenic route that takes you through the winding roads lined with tall redwood trees, offering a dramatic mountain view. A great option for a day trip to escape from busy city life. Alice’s restaurant is a must-visit pit stop to grab a quick bite or enjoy a sumptuous meal in the lap of nature.

Restaurant review Alice's Restaurant woodside
Nested by Redwood trees 
IN FRONT, Alice's restaurant.jpg
Alice’s Restaurant, Woodside, California


The restaurant offers pretty much everything, right from breakfast to dinner menu. They also have a full-fledged bar for lazy and relaxed times. We ordered Vegan burger, French toast, biscuits, potato wedges and of course coffee.  Food was delicious, especially the vegan burger and grilled vegetables served along with the burger. We loved it.

They keep refilling your coffee mug all the time, so great place for coffee lovers. Apart from this, the menu includes steaks, salads, a variety of egg dishes too.

Alice's Restaurant, Woodside.jpg
Menu, Alice’s Restaurant, California
Menu, Alice's Restaurant, CA.jpg
Menu, Alice’s restaurant, California
Our meal, Alice's Restaurant.jpg
Vegan burger, French toast & Potato wedges – Alice’s Restaurant


Being a weekend, the restaurant was crowded, and we had to wait for 15-20 minutes to get the table. (Anyways we utilized the time to gaze at awesome bikes and cars parked there and to take some great pics at the backyard of the restaurant)

After placing the order, the service was quick and prompt. We received our coffee almost immediately and the rest of the order within a few minutes. Attendants were courteous and kept offering us coffee every time.


Alice’s gets 100 points for the ambience. Quint rustic cabin, nested by tall redwood trees makes it look like a set out of some movie. The wooden cabin style architecture adds to the beauty and relaxed vibes of the place. The restaurant has an outdoor as well as indoor setting. According to me, outdoor is always a better option during the day. We chose outdoor, Although it was quite cold and breezy. But being a sunny day it was an awesome experience.

There is also some open space at the backyard for picnic tables or just sitting out in the sun.


Restaurant view Alice's Restaurant
Outdoor settings at Alice’s restaurant, California
Bar, Alice's restarutant.jpg
The bar, Alice’s Restaurant, Skyline boulevard
Backyard, Alice restaurant, CA.png
backyard, Alice’s Restaurant, Skyline boulevard

backyard, Alice's restaurant.pngOverall experience

Entire brunch experience, right from the scenic drive along the skyline boulevard to enjoying our meal in an outdoor setting on a cold but sunny day, was an exciting experience. While traveling, I love to explore restaurants that offer something more than food, and that is, a unique dining experience that you can remember and cherish. Alice’s restaurant surely offers a great experience along with delicious food.

If you have a free weekend, take out some time to drive through the winding roads of Skyline boulevard and pit stop at Alice’s restaurant.

Here’s the Summary!


Approx. cost:$40 -$ 50 for 2

Options:Vegetarian, Vegan, Non-vegetarian, grilled, BBQ, Salads

Timings:8 a.m. to 8.30 pm ( 9 p.m. weekends)

Suitable for:Solo as well as families as a pit stop during the long drive

Avoid Long waiting hours during weekends.

Have you visited this Restaurant? How was your experience?

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Alice's Restaurant,woodside,California.png




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  1. Oh no, we managed to miss this one when we visited California earlier this year! The food looks delicious!

  2. It all looks so pleasant in the sunshine and the food looks fab Madhu! How did the vegan burger taste?

  3. It looks like the perfect road side stop! I love that they cater to vegetarians and vegans too since a lot of these stops don’t usually have options!

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