Two days in Prague, Czech Republic -Best places to visit

Recently I had the opportunity to spend two days in Prague. According to some travelers, Prague is even more beautiful than Paris. In a way, it is true too. Compared to the rest of Europe, the Czech Republic is also economical. But that does not mean its beauty and grandeur is any lesser than the others! Check out the most popular places in Prague, if you have 2 days to explore this beautiful place. The best part is most of these places are free and you don’t have to pay for entrance.

Prague,Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic 

The Charles Bridge

With a 30 group of statutes lined on either side, Charles bridge is the most visited and popular place in the Czech Republic. It is also the oldest stone bridge in Europe. There are various legends associated with the statues on the Charles Bridge. According to one of them, a particular statue when rubbed is said to fulfill your wish within a year and a day!

Charles Bridge Prague., Praguejpg.jpg
Charles Bridge, Prague 

Astronomical Tower and Old Town Square

Be in time to see the chiming of this oldest ticking clock in Europe. Filled with mythical figures, this clock has 13 apostles coming in every hour. It chimes loud and clear yet soft and smooth every hour of the day. Thousands of tourists stand over to hear it chime. Make your way here at least 10 minutes before to find a good spot.

Astronomical Tower, Prague.jpg
Astronomical Tower, Prague

Cruise on the Vltava

 There is no better way to see the city than from over the Vltava waters. A guided cruise tour will take you onboard near the Czech Bridge. As it cruises its way forward the guide points out at the major landmarks and monuments on the right and the left side of the river. They also explain about the monument and its history. The cruise also sails under the Charles Bridge and several other bridges. This is an amazing experience which one would love.

Detsky Island

 If you are seeking to enjoy a magnificent view of Sunrise. I suggest visiting Detsky Island rather than visiting Charles Bridge (for watching Sunrise) as it can get crowded. I enjoyed a peaceful time, during my visit to the island. The island of Detsky which means Children’s island is located on Vltava river and lies in the Smichov district of the city. The Island is accessible by the arched bridge. From here you can enjoy the beautiful vistas along with the rising sun.

Detsky Island, Prague.jpg
Detsky Island, Prague 

Cesky Krumlov

The fairy tale city of Cesky Krumlov is located in the South Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. It takes 3 hours by train from Prague to reach here. Once here, you can take a guided tour or walk all around the castle yourself. The beautiful castle is on the high hills which surround the Vltava River. It is the most scenic place as the Vltava river snakes its way through the city. There are many riverside walkways and restaurants where you can enjoy a laid back day.

Cesky Krumlov, Prague.jpg
Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic 

What are your favorite spots in Prague. Do share in the comment box.

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