Akshayakalpa farms, Tiptur : Farm Life & camping experience near Bangalore

Are you looking for a soulful family getaway but bored of visiting resorts, restaurants & hotels? Here is a holistic farm life experience just a few hours away from the city. Enjoy a completely different experience for the whole family, especially children.

Akshayakalpa farms, Tiptur

Admiring Simple pleasures of life

It was a day of fun, frolic, and learning. From bullock cart ride to exploring the organic vegetable garden and harvesting its fresh produce. Getting to know the dairy process on the dairy plant tour. From relishing the freshly prepared organic meal to camping under the stars. A day at Akshayakalpa farms was enriching and nostalgic as it brought back many childhood memories.

This visit was due for a long time, and I am happy to finally make it to the farms with my parents and son. In this article, I am sharing our experience at the Akshayakalpa farms and why it is an excellent family getaway.

About Akshayakalpa Farms

Most of us know Akshayakalpa as a certified organic milk Brand. Many of us, have been using their products. Little did I know that you can also visit & stay at the farm for a wholesome farm experience. One can opt for a day trip or spend a night under the stars at their campsite. They offer plenty of engaging activities suitable for the whole family.

After spending two delightful days here, I realized that Akshayakalpa is much more than just a company. Their philosophy is to empower the local farmers through sustainable farming/ dairy practices, making them independent and, they are doing it well. 

Akshayakalpa farms : Farm visit program near Bangalore

Where is Akshayakalpa Farm located?

Akshayakalpa farms are in Tiptur (Hassan district), around 165 km from Bangalore. It took us 4 hours to reach the place by car. The lush green campus sprawling across 24 acres, houses the Akshayakalpa dairy plant, organic vegetables and fruits garden, cattle shade, fodder fields, R&D, biogas plant, campsite, canteen, play area, and a lot more.

How to reach Akshayakalpa Farms

The best way to reach Akshayakalpa farms is by driving or a hired cab. The campus has ample parking space to accommodate many vehicles. Public transport like trains and buses are also available till Tiptur but finding public transport from there might be tricky.

Farm Visit program

The farm visit program by Akshayakalpa aims at helping city dwellers, especially children, appreciate the little pleasures of farm life. At the same time, understand how a self-sustainable farm functions and how the food we eat is grown.

The program is carefully curated and packed with exciting activities to keep everyone engaged. It’s definitely one of the best experiential learning programs for young kids.  

Activities conducted at Akshayakalpa Farms

Some of the activities that you can enjoy at the farm

Organic farm visits and vegetable harvesting

A guided tour takes you through the sprawling organic vegetable garden. Here you can touch, feel and smell the plants. You also get to harvest the vegetables and bring them back home. Wandering in the garden, and familiarizing myself with the vegetables and how they are grown is a sensory delight, especially for kids.

Bullock cart ride

Its a chance to relive your childhood (if you have experienced the authentic bullock cart rides back then). I remember visiting my Grandmother in the village during the summer holidays, where a bullock cart used to come to pick us up from the bus station. What a bumpy but joy ride it used to be. We used to wait a whole year for that exciting moment. I am happy that at Akshayakalpa farms, my 7-year-old son could get a taste of the same bumpy bullock cart ride.

A presentation about Akshayakalpa Farms

Through this 45 mins interactive and informative presentation, the company representatives share their journey, including the company operations and the functioning of the organic plant. It also throw light on how the lives and earnings of as many as 6 lacs farmers (I hope I remember this number correctly) have changed for good. The company representatives also answer visitors queries about the company, organic farms, process, philosophy, quality, or anything else. Honestly, this presentation was an eye-opener in many ways. I learned how they follow stringent measures to maintain the quality of their organic products. (I was so impressed that switched to Akshayakalpa products after this trip)

Taste the traditional meals made from local organic produce

After the presentation, it was time for lunch. All the dishes prepared in-house using organic ingredients produced inside the farm. Now, this is impressive, isn’t it? The food dint disappoint us either. It was simple, home-cooked, yet a variety and authentic flavors. I don’t know how many servings of Puliyogare and curd I had. It was so flavorful and delicious. The package includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening snacks.

Clean your plates

By the way, everyone needs to clean their plates after finishing the meal. An important lesson this activity taught us was not to avoid wastage.

Lunch at Akshayakalpa Farms

Feeding & milking of cattle

We were sleepy and lethargic after lunch, but it was time to visit the cattle shade. In an interactive and informative session, the veterinary doctor briefed me about animal breeding and other nuances of cattle rearing and breeding. We also met some of our four-legged friends, including the adorable calves. The next day, they took us through the milking process and how hygiene is maintained. 

An enchanting night under the stars

We stayed in the tent during the night. The camping site at the farm is fenced and has multiple bathrooms, drinking water, hot water, and charging points. The camping site is a guarded place. The security guards are throughout the night, ensuring safe & secure environment.

Tents were large enough to accommodate 3 adults easily.There were around 20 tents at the camping site, so the night was lively with children playing, and adults chit-chatting. We loved the safe and happy community vibes.


A bonfire is organized near the camping site. With everyone singing and dancing under the stars it was a chherful moemnt and, everyone enjoyed it.

Morning walk in the farms

During the morning walk the guests are taken through different parts of the farm, including the biogas plant, and the R&D section, where they conduct research on various fodder plants. Walking around the farm, soaking in the morning sun, and breathing in the fresh air was an exhilarating experience. 

Village games

After a sumptuous breakfast, it was playtime. The team conducted many village games and activities, which was complete fun. 

Product tasting

In the end, it was product sampling time.You can enjoy as many delicious product as you want. You can also purchase these products.

Plant Visit

With this , the two amazing days at Akshayakalpa farms came to an end.

Pricing for the Akshayakalpa farm visit program

The farm visit program is reasonably priced. They charge INR 1000 per adult and INR 500 for children above 5 years. For children below 5 years, it’s free of cost.

What to carry with you

Some of the things you should carry while opting to stay at Akshayakalpa farms are: – 

1.      Tents include bedding, bed sheets, and blankets.But you can 

        carry an extra pair of bedsheet and blanket.

2.      Do carry the toiletries, towels, socks, etc.

3.      Since greenery and waterbodies surrounds the place, there are a lot of mosquitoes, especially during the evening. Do carry

mosquito repellant with you.

4.      Carry your powerbank, although there are multiple charging points.

5.      Farm believes in and promotes sustainability and no-waste living refrains from carrying plastic bags and does not litter. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Akshayakalpa farms. It was refreshing to slow down, Interact with like-minded people, and experience farm life. I feel the farm visit program allows you to not only, connect with nature and learn to appreciate the simple pleasures of life but also helps you learn about the functioning of dairy and organic farms. It’s a beautiful experience, especially for young children.

So next time you think of a weekend getaway, consider Akshayakalpa farm visit and camping.

you can check out more details about the Akshayakalpa and the farm visit program below


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