Visiting Ocean park, Hongkong with Kids – Best attractions

Is visiting Ocean Park with young Kids/toddlers worth?

I would say it’s absolutely worth to visit Ocean park even if you have young kids’/toddlers, who cannot enjoy most of the rides there.

Second largest theme park in Hongkong, Ocean park is a unique combination of marine mammal park, Oceanarium, Animal theme park and Amusement park. All in one Package.

Oceans park-Hongkong.png
fun day at Oceans park

During our recent trip to Hongkong, we visited both Disney land and Ocean park. You can read more about Hongkong Disneyland in my previous blog. Complete guide to Hongkong Disneyland – for families with toddler/young kids

Initially we were not sure if we should visit both the theme parks, as many people suggested that ocean park is suitable only for elder kids and not for toddlers like ours.But then we decided not to miss the fun of visiting yet another theme park and it turned out to be a really amazing place with so many attractions, not just for elder kids but also for the young ones.

In this post, I am putting up all the information together which can help you decide and enjoy your time at Ocean park.

Unfortunately, we only had half day to visit ocean park. And to add to it, we were a group of 5-6 moms along with toddlers, so the pace at which we proceeded was super slow.

Let’s get started with the big question!

Ocean park or Hongkong Disney Land?

I suggest if time and budget permits, visit both the parks as both have unique attractions to offer. If you have to choose one, it’s really difficult and depends on your choice. Disneyland has magical stories and enchanting setup to keep your toddler/young kids engaged. Ocean park offers some attractions like Dolphin show, seals, Aquarium, Asian animals including Panda to keep them engrossed.

Ocean park is only for elder kids?  

If you consider only rides, then many of the rides are not suitable for very young kids. But there are many interesting and fun activities apart from rides. So, it will still be worth the money spent.

Fountain outside Aquarium, Oceans park.png
waterfront area,Oceans park

Is half a day enough to explore Ocean park?

Not at all. You need 1 day to experience all the zones. During our short visit,we could explore only the grand Aquarium, waterfront area, the cable car ride, Pacific Pier and Dolphin show.


Ocean park is situated in Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan in the Southern District of Hong Kong.


Adult (12 & above) its 480 HDK

Child (3-11) its 240 HDK

You can also buy fast-track passes for priority admissions in the rides and attractions. Tickets can be purchased online or at the counter. We purchased tickets through

Exciting Rides- Ocean Park.png
ride at Summit

About the Park

Ocean park is divided into 2 major areas, the waterfront and the Summit. Waterfront is the area near the water fountain and Summit is situated on the mountain top. Each Area is further divided into different attraction Zones.

Map- Oceans Park
map of Ocean Park

The Waterfront

  • Aqua city
  • Amazing Asian Animals
  • Whiskers Harbour

The Summit

  • Polar Adventure
  • Rainforest
  • Marine world
  • Adventure land
  • Thrill Mountain

Some of the attractions which you should not miss while visiting ocean park with young kids.

1.Grand Aquarium– It’s always fascinating and soothing to see fishes and other marine creatures gliding in water. Grand Aquarium has a large variety of Aquatic species from hammerhead sharks, to stingrays and manta rays, starfishes, lobsters to jellyfish and turtles. Although the Aquarium is not as big and impressive as the one we visited in Santosa Island -SEA Aquarium but it’s still worth a visit.

Aquarium entrance, Oceans Park .png
Grand Aquarium, Ocean park
Aquarium Oceans park, hongkong.png
Grand Aquarium, Ocean Park
Aquarium Oceans park.png
fascinated little one
Aquarium, Oceans park .png
Corals at Grand Aquarium

Aquarium, Oceans park.pngAquarium, Oceans park hongkong.png2.Look out for Pandas at Amazing Asian Animals

Watching Pandas is surely a fun experience for young ones. Pandas can be spotted at either at the Amazing Asian Animals zone or at Hongkong Jockey club Sichuan Treasures

Oceans park,Hongkong
Amazing Asian Animals

3.Explore Adventures in Australia – This section has some of the popular residents of Australia like red-necked wallabies and kookaburras, not to forget the major attraction -the koalas.

4.Hope on to the cable car –

You can take the cable car from waterfront station. I think it was around 5-10 mins ride offering a breath-taking view of blue ocean dotted with lush green mountains and the ocean park off course.

Cable car-oceans park
From cable car station at Waterfront
cable car,oceans park hongkong.jpg
beautiful view, Cable car, Ocean park

view from cable car


5.Dolphin show at Ocean theatre –

By the time we reached summit, it was already time for the Dolphin show at Ocean theatre in Marine world, which we dint wanted to miss. The show lasts for around 20 mins where the trainers talks and plays with the wonder creatures of the sea.

Dolphin show- Ocean Park hongkong
Ocean theatre

6.Spot sharks at the Shark Mystique– Near to the Ocean theatre is Shark Mystique, which exhibits over 100 varieties of Sharks and rays including sawfish, Zebra shark etc.

 7.Visit Pacific pier – View the rocky coastal habitat of seals and sea lions as they enjoy the sunand catch the feed given by the trainers.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 7.00.36 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-11-15 at 7.00.11 PM

8.Explore Polar Adventure-

Enjoy the chill and habitats of polar area while visiting North Pole Encounter and the South Pole Spectacular. You can encounter walruses, seals and Penguins.

9.Walk through the rainforest

Take a stroll through rainforest expedition trail and enjoy the greenery along with some interesting animals including world’s smallest monkey – the Pygmy Marmoset, sloth, lots of reptiles like snakes, lizards, spiders and frogs etc.

10.Board the Ocean Express – You can return back to waterfront area by Ocean express which is simulated as a submarine taking you on underwater journey through videos playing on the screen on its roof.

11.Whiskers harbour-

Whiskers harbours is the area where you can find many rides and fun activities for young kids including the Bouncer house, Balloons up and away and frog hopper rides. This place can surely engage the kids.

Apart from this there are many rides and attractions which I was really tempted to try but couldn’t due to time shortage. Probably will make another visit some time.


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Visiting Ocean park Hongkong with kids

Visiting Ocean park Hongkong with Kids

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  1. The park looks great! I like the variety of attractions. I usually do not enjoy water parks but this one goes above and beyond. Love the view from the cable car.

  2. I actually hadn’t heard of Ocean Park before, will have to try and fit it in my itinerary for my next trip. It looks like there is lots to do and the view from the cable car is amazing.

  3. Can’t believe I still haven’t done this in HK yet! I live in Shenzhen and keep telling myself I’m going to go! Seems like so much fun!

  4. Omg the views in the cable cars of Ocean Park are absolutely stunning! I’ve never heard of Ocean Park before .. but now I want to go! Adding to my China itinerary 🇨🇳 ❤️👍🏻

  5. I used to live in Hong Kong and never got a chance to visit Ocean Park. I did, however, pass by it on a few occasions and it looked like so much fun. A great place to spend the day with family or friends 🙂

  6. Wow, it looks like there’s so much to do at Ocean Park in Hong Kong, It’s a pity you had so little time to explore it all. I would definitely go on the cable car for the views of the city and the ocean. I’ve never seen four lines of cable cars next to each other! Small kids are so easy to entertain, so I think it’s totally worth taking toddlers to such an amusement park.

  7. I had no idea that Ocean Park even existed in Hong Kong. The amount of biodiversity they house must be so educational for children, bringing their elementary science classes to life. I personally would prioritize the Australia section of the park as I have yet to see the strange creatures from the land down under.

  8. The park looks great with a lot of activities to do! I still love visiting amusement parks and this one has seriously intrigued me! Great guide

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