Complete guide to Hongkong Disneyland – for families with toddler/young kids

Some memories last forever! So are the comic characters and fairytales from Disney. Be it Mickey mouse, Wini the Pooh or movies like sleeping beauty, Cinderella, only mention of them makes one nostalgic.

Visiting Disneyland and being a part of this fairytale world is like a dream come true. Recently we got this opportunity!

Hongkong Disneyland
Main entrance-Hongkong Disneyland

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 1.07.59 AM.pngPleasant atmosphere, cheerful vibes, colorful performances, music, themed set up, castles, makes you feel like you are in a dream world.Being one of the most sort after tourist attractions in Hongkong, Disneyland charms both kids and adults alike. I am sure we were more excited to visit Disneyland for the first time then our 3.5-year-old man!

This year we have been lucky to get a chance to visit 2 famous theme parks – Universal Studio Singapore (read a complete guide to Universal Studios Singapore) and Disneyland Hongkong.

During both the visits, I realized that aiming to cover all the attractions with toddlers and little kids is quite challenging. So, it’s better to plan and prioritize. In this post, I am sharing general information and guide to Hongkong Disneyland. This will help first time visitors specially families travelling with young kids to plan their trip better. (Since this time, we travelled in a group, we could also try some of the exciting rides where kids were not allowed. We missed this big time in Universal studio, Singapore. That came as a bonus of travelling in group)

Alert: too many pics..but what best way to explain Dinsneyland then with photos

Where is Disneyland Hongkong

Located inside the Disneyland resorts in Lantau Island, Disneyland is the largest theme park in Hongkong.

How to reach Disneyland

You can reach Disney land through different means of transport, by taxi, MTR, Bus or even Ferry. We hired a cab with an objective to get maximum time at the park without getting much tired.


There are different options for tickets.You can take standard tickets, or with meal combo or 2 days ticket.The standard ticket costs as below

  • Adult (12 -64) – 619 HDK
  • Kids (3-11) – 458 HDK
  • Seniors (65+) – 100 HDK

We booked our tickets through Klook and received some discount.One can also opt to stay in Disneyland resorts.


Park timings are from 10.30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Its best to reach early to avoid long queues for rides and shows.

Map,Disneyland hongkong.png
map showing different Zones
Mickey & the whale-Didneyland.png
Mickey & the whale

Disneyland Theme Zones

Disneyland is divided into Seven different themes or Zones. Each theme has attractions including special shows, rides, photo ops, restaurants etc.

1.Mainstream U.S.A-Resemble 20th-century Midwest town with very retro look and feel. Streets are lined with glittery shop set ups on both the sides. Moment you enter the park, this is the first zone you encounter. This is where all the parades take place. You can see the iconic sleeping beauty castle towards the end of street. There is also a train station right at the entrance.There are 3 main parades in the day

Flights of fantasy (1.30 pm) – cheerful parade of Disney characters with pleasant music and dance.

Mickey’s Halloween time street party (4.30 p.m.)– brighter side of Halloween with Disney characters.

Villain’s Night out (7.15 p.m.)– an impressive parade by the most infamous Disney villains. This was the only one we could watch, and it was surely worth!

Disney Parades 
Parade .png
Disney parades

2.Tomorrowland- As the name suggests, based on future world, this zone is more popular among the elder kids. You can witness the spaceship, Star Wars etc. here. Some of the popular attraction are –

tomorrow land-disney land Hongkong
Tomorrowland Disneyland

Orbitron– A mild ride where you get to fly your own flying saucer.

tomorrowland ride.png
Orbitron, Tomorrowland

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 11.51.25 AM.pngHyper space mountain ride – A thrilling roller coaster experience in the dark universe accompanied with sudden turns, drops and of the best ride experience I ever had.

tomorrowland ride-disneyland.png
Hyperspace mountain

Iron man experience –This is another 3D simulation ride where you soar over HongKong in a gravity defying Iron Wing flight vehicle

Jedi training, trails of the temple– young ones are trained to fight the dark side. Popular amongst kids.

3.Fantasyland- brings to life the characters from different Disney movies. It’s a must visitZone for families with young kids. Beautiful castles in pastel colors creates a magical ambience, specially towards evening when it’s all glittery with fairytale lights. Kids will truly enjoy most of the attractions and the rides here. Some of the popular attractions are

Cinderella carousal– Musical merry-go-round decked up with beautiful lights. Looks amazing during evening.

Dumbo the flying elephant– A carousal style ride based on movie      Dumbo

Mad hatter tea cups– Spinning tea-cup rides

Hongkong Disneyland railroad fantasyland station– offers a rail tour of Disneyland

It’s a small world– a water-based ride which takes you on a happy ride across the world each continent represented by beautiful dolls and setups.

The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh– A dark ride based on Winnie the Pooh movie

Mickey & the wondrous Book –Live show based on Disney movies 

Mickey’s Philhar magic– 3D movie experience

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 11.47.07 AM

Beautiful Fantasyland
fantasyland-its a small world.png
Its a small world
Glitter in fantasy world.png
Mad hatter tea cups
Merry goaround -in the night.png
Cinderella’s Carousal

4.Adventureland – As the name suggest Adventureland is based on Jungle themed adventures. This zone offers attractions like

An excursion to Tarzan’s tree housein an Island where a Raft takes you to the island.

Jungle River Cruise-guides adventure boat tour on the river of Adventure land.

Festival of Lion King-A live stage musical show

Moana:A Homecoming Celebration – Again a live show

Adventure land.png

5.Grizzly Gulch– An abandoned mining town set amidst mountains and woods. Grizzly Gulch has only one ride

Big Grizzly mountain runaway mine cars– this trilling ride takes you across the old mountain in high-speed, including the reverse ride. The most exciting ride in the Disneyland I must say.

Awesome ride-Disneyland,hongkong.png
Awesome ride at Grizzly gulch

6.Mystic Point– This is a small zone with 2 attractions.

Mystic manor– dark ride which takes you into the mystic world. It’s supposed to be one of the best attractions at Disneyland Hongkong, but unfortunately, we missed it, thinking its some sort of museum.

mystic point-disney land.png
Mystic Manor

Garden of wonders – a small garden with 3 trick photography illusion set ups

trick garden.png
trick photography garden; Photo by my friend Vijay

7.Toystory land- based on Disney pixar film series Toy story. Toy land is decked up with big wooden toys and lights. Below are the major attractions-

Toy soldiers parachute drop– free fall and rise parachute experience. Worth a try for sure

Slinky dog spin– caterpillar style ride

RC Racer-high roller coaster ride. We couldn’t try it but looked exciting.

Toy storyland,Disneyland .png
Toy storyland


Ride at Toystory land.png
Toy soldier parachute drop: Photo by my friend Sumi



Ride at toystoryland .png
RC Racer, Photo by my friend Sumi


Must try rides and attractions for Kids & toddlers


  • Orbitron, tomorrow land
  • Cinderella Carousal, Fantasyland
  • Mad hatter tea cups, Fantasy land
  • Dumbo the flying elephant, Fantasy land
  • Slinky Dog spin, Toy storyland


  • Jedi training – Tomorrow land
  • It’s a small world, Fantasyland
  • Mickey’s Philhar magic, Fantasyland
  • Tarzan’s tree house, Adventure land
  • Mystic Manor, Mystic point
  • Festival of Lion King, Adventure land



1)Download the official Hongkong Disneyland app to keep a track of

Different show timings (we missed out on many because of that)

2) With little kids first start with the Fantasyland Zone so that they can enjoy before its sleep time

3) Carry hats, sunglasses, Sunscreen lotion etc as most of the area in the fantasy park is open and quite Sunny.

4) Carry your sipper or water bottle and refill the same if you don’t want to pay 40 HDK every time for water bottle.

5) Food is not allowed inside Disneyland so it’s challenging for young kids specially being vegetarian.

6) Carry pram or stroller if possible

7) Utilize the kids nap time to try (one at a time J) adventurous rides for adults (Highly recommended – Hyper Space mountain (I loved it the most),Big grizzly mountain runaway miner cars, RC Racer roller coaster, toy soldiers parachute drop)

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63 thoughts on “Complete guide to Hongkong Disneyland – for families with toddler/young kids

  1. Great guide. We saw so many families and children going to Hong Kong Disney land when we were taking the subway to Lantau Island.It’s very easy to get there by subway

  2. So awesome! I live in Southern California and have been to Disneyland maybe twice. There are many similarities between the park in Anaheim and the one in Hong Kong. Crazy to think how two places so far away from each other can be so similar.

  3. HI Madhu, just looking at your many pictures, anyone would want to go to Disney HK 🙂
    I haven’t been there is many years, but the HK location seems to be very similar to the ones in Florida and LA. When my kids were little, we love the small world, Pirates of the Carribean, the parade, the night shows and so much more.

  4. I’ve always been curious about Hong King Disneyland. I’ve been to the original Disneyland in LA a million times so it would be nice to compare. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  5. I’ve always been curious about the Hong Kong Disneyland, Been to the original Disneyland in LA many times so it would be interesting to compare. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  6. I have gone to Disneyland in Tokyo and California and loved them both. So, of course, I am curious about the Disneyland in Hong Kong and how it would compare to either of those. I really liked that you gave tips on how to navigate around the park!

  7. Oooh they must have had sooo much fun! I guess you’ll have to come back again when they are a little older so they can try the scarier rides as well. 😉

    It is a bit of a shame that they will not allow you to bring in your own food, especially for people that are vegetarian or allergic to things! You’d’ve thought they are already making so much money from you that you should be allowed to at least have your own snacks!

    1. Thanks Josypheen..yes it was great fun..n worth visiting again 😊 you are right it’s challenging and disappointing that snacks are not allowed at least some fruits and snacks can be great saviours when young ones become cranky

  8. This sounds like a lot of fun! It sounds like with a little one you would need a couple days to visit because of there being so much to see and do. It’s unfortunate they don’t have food that caters to vegetarians. That’s always something I am looking for.

    1. Thanks brianna was real fun..with little ones the pace slows down for sure.. but it’s a great to spend time together as family😊 .I agree food was a challenge for sure..would HV loved at least some salads

  9. This is so crazy! HongKong Disneyland looks like California and Tokyo Disney had a baby. These are some great tips on how to manage such a big park with small ones, and disappointing to know you can’t bring food. That’s a bummer.

  10. Good to know that the Hong Kong Disneyland is an exact replica of the original in Anaheim! I was always curious about how Disneylands around the world operated. Seems like they’ve introduced new attractions like the Toy Story Land!

  11. Ahh Disney! The most magical place on Earth, even if you don’t have little ones :). I went to Disney in Orlando last year and had a blast! I’d love to visit Disney in Hong Kong and others around the world as well!

  12. The Jedi training sounds like a blast! What an experience! Plus, I love that there is now an app so that you won’t miss any upcoming shows and don’t have to write them down to track.

  13. The Jedi training sounds like a blast! What an experience! Plus, I love that there is now an app so that you won’t miss any upcoming shows and don’t have to write them down to track.

  14. I visited a few of the parks when I was a kid! Always a fun experience. I’m sure my parents would have appreciated this guide! It will be so cool to revisit when I have kids—some day! A very different experience, I’m sure.

  15. Thank you for sharing. Blogging is such a cool way to chronicle your family trip! I’ve visited Disney World in Orlando and have always been curious how it differs from the international ones!

  16. I went to Hong Kong Disney years ago. It’s nice to see what’s still the same and what’s changed. Or, guess I should say added. The Mystic Manor looks fun. The park is definitely smaller than the original Disneyland in CA, but I liked that. It made it so much easier to do the entire park in day. And, it was super easy to get to from downtown Hong Kong. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I had to give Disneyland a miss during my visit. But looking at your pictures, I am really regretting not visiting Disneyland. It looks so amazing… I love rides and would have loved to go on every one of them.

  18. We’ve just recently come back from Hong Kong but didn’t have time to go to Disneyland, next time for sure. It looks like a lot of fun. My fiance was especially keen as he’s never been to Disneyland before.

  19. The Mystic Manor looks so cool! I love that all the Disney parks around the world put their own spin on things, while retaining the magic of Disney!

  20. This is the only Disney land i’ve not been too and now I feel like I need to book a trip straight away haha. Thank you for your great guide.

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