Statue of Unity, Kevadia Gujarat- Must visit attractions

You can see it from the distance, standing tall, taller than the mountains surrounding it. Our curiosity started to build as the bus turned, giving us a clear view of the tallest Statue in the world. Facing the Sardar Sarovar Dam, the 182 m tall monument is one of the most stunning creations of recent times.

This was my second trip to Gujarat, (the first trip was to Rann Utsav and places around, needless to say, it was an amazing one) thanks to Gujarat tourism and the Ministry of Tourism for inviting me to this FAM Trip. This time we explored the world-famous Statue of Unity and attractions around it. The experience was not only an impressive one but also an enriching one.

Visiting the Statue of Unity was never on top of my list, but visiting this area and understanding its ecosystem completely changed my view. Kevadia ( Ekta Nagar) is not only a buzzing tourist destination but also a glaring example of how something so amazing can be built out of nothing.

Along with my experience, I am also sharing the list of attractions near the Statue of Unity. This blog will help you plan your trip to the Statue of Unity. 

Statue of Unity, Kevadia, Gujarat
Statue of Unity, Kevadia, Gujarat

What makes the Statue of Unity so special?

The Statue of Unity is a tribute to the Iron man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who was the first deputy Prime Minister and home minister of Independent. He also played a major role in uniting the 562 princely states of India. The Statue of Unity is not only the tallest statue in the world but also among the fastest ones to be completed in just 33 months. Not only is the grandeur of the monument awe-inspiring, but the unique attractions around the area and the story of community development are equally impressive.

The tallest Statue in the World, Statue of Unity Gujarat
The tallest Statue in the World, Statue of Unity Gujarat

Where is the Statue of Unity located?

The prestigious monument is situated on the Sadhu bet Hillock, which is connected to the mainland by a 300-meter bridge. The monument is surrounded by the Satpura and Vindhyachal range, overlooking the sprawling Sardar Sarovar dam in Kevadia, Gujarat.

How the tallest Statue in the world was built
How the tallest Statue in the world was built

How to Reach the Statue of Unity

Vadodara has the nearest railway station and airport. From Vadodara which is 100 km away from the Statue of unity, you can either get on public transport or hire a cab.

Ahmedabad is another option with frequent train and flight connectivity. It is 200 km away from Kevadia. We opted for this route and it took us around 4-5 hours to reach Kevadia.

Statue of Unity , Kevadia , Gujarat
Statue of Unity, Kevadia
Statue of Unity, Kevadia

Where to stay in Kevadia

The best accommodation options include

1. Shrestha Bharat Bhavan, a 3-star hotel adjacent to the Statue of Unity.

2. Narmada Tent City 1

3. Narmada Tent City 2

What to see at Statue of Unity: Major Attractions

The Statue of unity is not just a monument, but a whole township with numerous attractions around it. There is something for everyone including parks, temples, adventure activities like river rafting, trekking, tent stay, spiritual activities, and much more. Some of the key attractions that you should not miss during your visit to the Statue of Unity are :

1. Ekta cruise

Ticket costs: INR 413 per adult, INR 207 for the child (0 to 6 Years).

Duration: 20 minute

Cruise timings: Starts at 9 a.m. and the last cruise is at 5 p.m.

Sailing through the calm water of River Narmada, the Ekta cruise is the best way to witness the Statue of Unity while enjoying the serene surroundings. The cruise sailed right below the Statue of Unity, facilitating the direct front view of the magnificent monument. The double-decker cruise can accommodate up to 100 pax. At first, you are made to sit on the ground deck for brief introductions and cultural programs. After which one can move to the open-air deck to enjoy the magnificent view. If you take the evening cruise, you can witness the splendid view of the sunset.

2. Statue of Unity Museum

Ticket cost: INR 150 Adult, INR 90 Children (aged 3 to 15 years)

Timings: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Time required: 45 minutes

The statue of Unity museum is situated inside the Statue itself.  The museum showcase exhibits related to Sardar Vallabhbhai’s life. It also showcases various documents, photograms, precious items, artifacts, glimpses of forts and palaces, weapons and gifts of royals, etc.  Exhibits include  3D mapping projection, holography, augmented reality, audio-video, controlled light system, etc.

Statue of Unity, Museum
Statue of Unity, Museum

3. Observation deck

Ticket Costs: 380 per person (adult) and 230 for the child (3 to 15 years of age)

Timing: 8 A.M to 6 P.M

Time required: 10-20 minutes

The observation deck is situated at 400ft inside the Statue of Unity. The observation deck offers a panoramic view of the Sardar Sarovar dam, Narmada River basin, and surrounding hills. A high-speed elevator takes you to the observation deck situated at the chest level of the Statue as the Sardar Sarovar dam was close to Sardar Vallabhbhai’s heart. 

Panoramic view of Sardar Sarovar dam from Observation deck, Statue of Unity
Panoramic view of Sardar Sarovar dam from Observation deck, Statue of Unity

4. Laser show

Ticket cost: INR 150 Adult, INR 90 Children (aged 3 to 15 years) as a part of a one-time entry ticket to the Statue of Unity

Starting Time: 6:45 Pm

Duration: 30 minutes

Note: Leaser light and sound glow start at 7 P.M every day except on Monday.

One of the best attractions at Statue of Unity, the laser show is something you should not miss. The show brightens the 182-meter Statue and fills the heart of every Indian with admiration and pride. Truly a goosebump moment! 

The show uses the statues as a canvas to narrate the Journey of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and his role to create India as a nation from various subcontinents. The projection mapping technique combines light, sound, and graphics to create a sensory treat.

The concept of high-quality projection mapping is installed for the first time in India, and the lenses and lasers can resist any weather calamities.

projection mapping laser show at Statue of Unity, Kevadia
projection mapping laser show at Statue of Unity, Kevadia

5. Unity Glow garden

Ticket cost: 100 per person and 50 for a Child (exclude camera charges)

Timing: 8 A.M to 10 P.M

Time required: 30-45 minutes (recommended to visit after 7 pm)One of its kind, a unique theme park in India. The unity glow garden showcases numerous installations, including artistic figures and optical illusions that make the Ekta Nagar more attractive than usual in the evening. The garden transports you into a magical world of glowing led lights, flowers, and other installations. The most appealing attributes are its variety of botanicals, birds, and LED fountains, making night tourism more enthusiastic.

6. Valley of flowers

Ticket cost: INR 150 Adult, INR 90 Children (aged 3 to 15 years) as a part of a one-time entry ticket to the Statue of Unity

Timing: 8 am- 5 pm

Time required: 30 minutes

Valley of Flowers is one of the major attractions of the Statue of Unity. The sprawling flower garden developed near the Statue of Unity is spread across an area of 24 acres. The colorful garden is like an Oasis with 22,00,000 plants including many varieties of flowering plants. The park also has many photo booths available making it a perfect place to click pictures in the backdrop of colorful flowers and the Statue of Unity.

Valley of Flower, Statue of Unity
Valley of Flower, Statue of Unity

7. Vishwa garden

Ticket cost: 30 per person and 20 for a kid

Timings: 8 A.M to 6:45 P.M

Time required: 30 -45 minutes

Vishwa Van or the Global forest, is home to shrubs and trees native to 7 different continents signifying the theme of Unity in Diversity. The park aims to educate the tourists about the biogeography and biodiversity of the region. Cluster for each contienent is designed to maintain a suitable environment. The motive for Vishwa Van is to combine the World’s forests and gardens. A path runs along the wavy margins of the continents with a breath-taking view of the Statue of Unity on one side and the beautifully forested elevations. This extraordinary assembly clubbed with the magnificence of greenery from all corners makes this place truly remarkable.

Vishawa Van, Statue of Unity
Vishawa Van, Statue of Unity

8. Ekta Nursery

Ticket cost: 50 per person (exclude camera charges) and 30 for a Child.

Timings: 9 A.M to 6 P.M

Time required: 45 minutes.

Ekta Nursery aims to create awareness about eco-friendly practices among people. The honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, envisioned Ekta Nursery as a tourist destination that serves the dual purpose of educational cum demonstration center. Ekta Nursery also provides employment opportunities to people, especially women from the local community.

Ekta Nursery, Statue of Unity
Ekta Nursery, Statue of Unity

9. Jungle safari

Ticket cost: 200 per person and 125 for the child. (Exclude camera charges)

Timings: 8 A.M to 5 P.M

Time required :2 Hours

Jungle safari is a zoological park that houses both indigenous and exotic animals from different parts of the world. Spread across 375 acres, the Jungle safari covers various landscapes. The zoo buggy takes you to animal shelters, including the two unique aviaries. The first one is the high fly aviary, a huge glass dome with an elevated walkway to watch different species of Indian birds like  Red Jungle Fowl, Partridge, Peacocks, Pelican, Ibis, Parrots, etc

Second is the wing of the world, exotic birds aviary that houses exotic birds like Macaw, Cockatoo, Pheasants, Black Swan, Grey Parrot, Cape Crowned Crane, etc. It’s best to visit the safari early in the morning or in the evening.

10. Arogya Van (Medicinal plants park)

Ticket cost: 50 per person and 30 for a child (exclude camera charges)

Timings: 9 A.M to 5 P.M

Time required: 1 hour

Arogya Van, a medicinal plant park, consists of a wide range of medicinal plants and health-related landscapes. It aims to increase awareness about the importance of plants for the well-being of humans.

This park brings our attention to Ayurveda, Meditation, and Yoga as an integral part of a person’s life. The major attraction here is the ‘Arogya Manush,’ a human form made from plants and shrubs, and it emphasizes the therapeutic importance of human organs depending on medicinal plants.

11. Cactus Garden

Ticket cost: 60 per person and 40 for a child (exclude camera charges)

Timings: 9 A.M to 5 P.M

Time required: 1 hour

A unique theme park houses a wide variety of cacti and succulents to offer an idea of the desert ecosystem to the visitors. This theme park spreads across an open area of 25 acres and a glass dome of 836 square meters. The park showcases 450 National and international species of cacti and succulents.

12.Butterfly garden

Ticket cost: 60 per person and 40 for a child (exclude camera charges)

Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM

Time required: 1 hour

Situated next to the cactus garden, the butterfly garden houses more than 70 species of butterflies. The park has an environment to attract butterflies. Exploring a variety of colorful butterflies in the beautifully landscaped garden is an impressive experience.

13. Ekta Mall

Ticket cost: Free

Time required: 30-45 minutes

Symbolizing unity in diversity, Ekta mall houses the handloom, handicrafts, and artifacts showrooms from different states under one roof. The two story building has 20 emporia representing different Indian states.  

14. Maha Aarti at Narmada Ghat

Ticket cost: Free of cost

Timing – 7:30 P.M to 8 P.M.

Holy Narmada river glistens with the reflection of vibrant glittering lights from the surrounding bridge and riverbank. The Maha Aarti at Narmada Ghat is a divine experience. Sitting at the riverbank and witnessing the holy aarti performed by the priest with 108 lamps sets a feeling of calmness. Now Aarti is an internal part of the evening events of Narmada

The Narmada Aarti is performed daily at the Narmada Ghat similar to the Ganga Aarti at Haridwar. A huge Narmada Ghat, 50-meter-long, and 35-meter-wide have a seating capacity of 6 thousand devotees and was built near Shoolpaneshwar Mahadev mandir.

15. Shoolpaneshwar Mahadev Temple

Ticket cost: Free of cost

Situated on the bank of river Narmada is the serene Shoolpaneshwar Mahadev temple. The original Temple submerged in the Sardar Sarovar Reservoir during the construction of the Dam. A new Shoolpaneshwar temple was built later near Rajpipla with the Shivlinga from the earlier ancient temple. The word ‘Shoolpaneshwar’ refers to Lord Shiva is portrayed as having a ‘Shool’ or ‘Trishul’ in his hand. The temple is beautifullydecorated with colorful lights and it’s a divine experience to visit the temple during the evenings.

Apart from this list, there are many other attractions and activities around the Statue of unity, especially the adventure activities, which I am keeping for the next blog.

Useful Tips: Here are few tips to keep in mind

1. The Statue of Unity will be closed to the visitors on Monday for Maintenance.

2. Cameras are strictly prohibited at the Statue of Unity.

3. It’s advisable to book tickets online for all the attractions to avoid inconvenience later.

Conclusion: Statue of Unity, Ekta Nagar has much more to offer than I expected. Every attraction is unique in its way and has a story behind it. These attractions cater to tourists of all age groups and varied interests.

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