Coorg Wilderness Resort, Medikere : Perfect Luxury getaway from Bangalore

Are you looking for a luxurious getaway to spend some laid-back time in the lap of nature? You are on the right page!Read further to know about one of the most soulful resorts in Coorg.

Even the most voracious travelers need a break. After, 10 days of exploration spree in Goa (we explored parts of both North and South Goa), I just wanted a place to relax and unwind.

The Coorg wilderness resort seemed perfect. The pictures looked impressive, but the actual place impressed us much more than the pictures. Recently, we spent 3 days and 2 nights at this heavenly getaway.“The whole experience was a sensory and visual delight. It was overwhelming.

Infinity Pool : Coorg Wilderness Resort , Medikere

“It was 6 in the morning; I woke up to some noise. I could barely open my eyes but still walked to the large glass door opening into the balcony.As I reached the balcony, a dash of fresh air, pink golden light penetrating through the misty mountains, and chirping of what seemed like 1000s of birds welcomed me.It was a magical moment!

Soulful, Serene, and unbelievably beautiful!

I tried focusing on the melodious sound, some like whistles, others like chirping. Suddenly, the sleepy forest came alive with all the commotion.

Coorg wilderness resort, Medikere: A perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore

Coorg Wilderness resort is part of Paul Resorts and Hotels. Nestled amid the sprawling wilderness, the property perfectly blends luxury with the wilderness. Here you can experience the best of both worlds.

Spread across acres of lush green, misty mountains, the resort offers luxurious European-style rooms and suites. This 5-star property consists of 104 rooms, 2 restaurants, 1 bar, Gym, infinity swimming pool, spa, and all the other amenities to make your stay a memorable one. But before I share my experience, here is a little more about the resort.

Coorg Wilderness Resort: Location

Experience the wilderness just a few kilometers away from the main town (Medikere)

The resort is around 260 km away from Bangalore. It took us 5-6 hours to reach the resorts. We chose to drive. The roads were good (except for an under-construction stretch before Kushalnagar.  The best part is, the Resort is not very far from the city center yet, it is completely secluded and peaceful. It is just around 4 km away from Raja’s seat, one of the main attractions at Medikere, making it convenient to step out whenever you want to explore the city. 

Key Highlights of Coorg wilderness Resort, Medikere

I can go on sharing my experience with you because it was so profound. But let me quickly share the key highlights of this place.Here are the things that make this place so unique. 

Luxurious Rooms: Epitome of Luxury

One of the most striking highlights is its grandeur. The exquisite design emanates luxury and magnificence with the décor inspired by European architecture and style. Each artifact, furniture, lamp, etc., are tastefully complimenting the entire look and feel.

We stayed in a hill view suit. Our room was spacious, withdrawing area, the bedroom, study area demarcated (without any partition). The high wooden ceiling and the gigantic fans added to the plush and classy appeal (there is no air conditioner in the room). The spacious private Balcony overlooks the lush green mountains. The morning view from the balcony was magical and soulful. Overall, our room was very cozy and comfortable.

2) The dressing room: A Destination in itself

The most amazing part of the room (apart from the balcony) was its palatial dressing room. You need to see it to believe it! The bath area is as big as the room itself and yes, its tastefully designed too, with exotic furniture. You can enjoy a relaxing bath in the classic tub while enjoying the view of mountains from the window. Although a very romantic proposition. In our case, my 6-year-old son captured the bathtub. After the pool, the bathtub was his favorite play area. 

“The washroom is so grand and luxurious that I don’t mind coming back to this property, just for its bath area”.

the Luxurious dressing area, Coorg wilderness resort, Medikere
the Luxurious dressing area, Coorg wilderness resort, Medikere
Washroom, Coorg wilderness Resort, Medikere
Washroom, Coorg wilderness Resort, Medikere

3)  Infinity swimming Pool: Swimming with a view

The greenish-blue water reflecting the tall trees like the mirror and the scenic vista of the surrounding mountains makes this infinity pool one of the most scenic parts of this property. Swimming here was an unparallel experience. Soaking in the winter sun while absorbing the richness of the surroundings and the rejuvenating cool water was a sensory delight. It was a calming experience. 

Infinity pool, Coorg Wilderness Resort , Medikere
Infinity pool, Coorg Wilderness Resort , Medikere
the Infinity Pool, Coorg wilderness Resort
the Infinity Pool, Coorg wilderness Resort

4) Restaurants & Bar: Gourmet cuisine

The Coorg wilderness resort has two restaurants and one bar. The coffee shop called Habba, serves buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinners. It is a terrace restaurant with a gorgeous view of the hills.

Vembanad is a coastal cuisine specialty restaurant that offers the local delicacies of Coorg and Kerala. We had our candlelight dinner here, which was a beautiful experience.

The tipsy bar is the English-style bar, perfect for those intimate conversations and spending a relaxed time.

Habba, Coorg Wilderness Resort
Habba, Coorg Wilderness Resort

5)  Spa: Get Pampered and Rejuvenated

I love to try the spa at every place I visit. The Nikaay spa at Coorgwilderness resort is one of the finest spas I visited in a long time. The elaborate procedure included Sauna, steam bath, massage, etc. I felt completely rejuvenated and relaxed after the therapy.

Nikaay Spa, Coorg wilderness Resort
Nikaay Spa, Coorg wilderness Resort

6)  Activities that help you connect with nature

The property offers so many activities, that you fall short of time to experience all of them. Luckily, I could try most of them. Thanks to Sahil, the resort manager who helped me plan my schedule. 

– Coffee walks: It’s not a plantation walk. But during this half an hour session, the resort naturalist took us through the journey of a coffee seed. In this informative & interactive session, we came to know about types of coffee, how the bean is converted into coffee powder, and much more.

 Bird Watching: At 7 a.m., I met Prashant, the resort naturalist for a bird-watching session. He was already busy spotting the birds for me. He helped me learn how to adjust and focus the binoculars. During our 1 hour walk, we could spot many colorful birds, including the Hornbill, sunbird & many others (I don’t remember their names). Bird watching was a memorable experience, Prashant enlightened me with many interesting facts about bird behavior.

“For the first time, I saw the mother hornbill inside the nest hatching the eggs”

– Sunset walk: Just a 10-minute trek from the main lobby and we reached the mountain peak. From the top of the watchtower, we could enjoy the 360-degree panoramic view of the misty valley. Watching the sunset on a breezy evening was a therapeutic experience. We loved it so much, that we walked to the hilltop on both days to enjoy the surreal sunset.

Sunset view Point , Coorg Wilderness Resort
Sunset view Point , Coorg Wilderness Resort

–  Nature Walk: A guided one and half hour walk through the plantations to the valley was an enriching experience. Prashant, the resort naturalist, showed us many interesting plants, water streams, coffee seeds, etc. Being lost in the lap of nature was an exhilarating experience.  

– Adventure activities: The property also offers various exciting 360-degree rope courses. I wanted to try the zipline, but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to try it.

Rope course, Coorg Wilderness Resort, Medikere
Rope course, Coorg Wilderness Resort, Medikere

–  Resort tour: A buggy ride through the winding roads of the resort is an exciting experience. Especially, my son loved this joy ride.

“Floral Bath, hat could be more luxurious than this. I had always seen it in movies but experiencing it myself was an out-of-the-world experience.”

What we loved about Coorg Wilderness Resort: Heartwarming hospitality

–           As we reached the resort, the friendly and ever-smiling staff welcomed us. Sahil, helped us plan our schedule so that we don’t miss out on the activities.

–           Whenever we came across anyone from the staff, they greeted us and asked us about our experience.

–           Prashant helped us spot the birds and know the flora of the place during the nature walk.

–           Sanchita, a cute little girl (just out of her college), not only helped me click pictures and make videos but also gave me some good ideas.

I think these little gestures are heartwarming and make you feel special. The warmth and positive vibes I felt here were simply amazing. Within 2 days I felt like I know everyone for a long time. I felt at home.

I think this is what differentiates the place and makes Coorg wilderness a special place.

It’s home away from home. 

Conclusion: Perfect place to celebrate your special moments

I can’t wait to go back to Coorg wilderness resort again. If you want to surprise your loved ones, make someone feel special, or celebrate your special moments.ents. I think this is the perfect place.

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  1. The resort seems like a really wonderful place to relax on the weekend. Love the infinity pool and the wilderness. The food looks sumptuous…I have heard a lot about the regional cuisine and would love to try some.

  2. This place looks absolutely STUNNING! The room seems made for kings & queens and the infinity pool looks so inviting. I bet you had an incredible stay 🙂

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