Product Review: Pexpo, Replacing plastic bottles with eco-friendly & sustainable steel bottle 

A step towards sustainable living! 

Exploring beautiful places and writing about them, as a travel blogger I love to share information about various destinations. Oh! Wait! Do I always come across beautiful places? I wish it was true. 

Over the years wherever I have traveled, right from the beaches to secluded mountains, plastic bottles have been like an eyesore, ruining the beauty of every serene location. 

While posting on Instagram or writing a blog, we conveniently delete the ugly aspect showing the rosy picture only. After all, nobody likes ugly things, isn’t it? 

From destroying beautiful places to disturbing ecological balance to climatic changes, the toxic effect of pollution can be seen everywhere. 

Now, it’s high time for all of us to make eco-friendly choices and adapt to sustainably living. There can many ways to live a more sustainable life, I will discuss them in detail in my next blog. But now let’s focus on one of them.   

A step towards sustainable living – Say no to Plastics! 

Some scary facts about plastic pollution 

• According to Reuters drowning in Plastic report 2018, a staggering 481.6 billion bottles were used worldwide in a

single year. 

• 50% of all the plastic produced is for single-use purposes, it’s just used for few minutes and then thrown. 

• 1 million marine animals are killed every year due to plastic pollution

There will be more plastic in our ocean than fishes in 2050 – The Ellen MacArthur foundation

Replacing Plastic bottles with Eco-friendly & sustainable steel bottles

After reading these scary facts and watching a lot of environmental documentaries, I decided to make a change in my lifestyle by adopting eco-friendly ways of living. The first obvious step was to minimize plastic usage. I realized, I often used bottled water while travelling. But a few years back I replaced it with a steel bottle. 

Benefits of using a steel bottle 

1.Durable & Long-lasting, you don’t need to replace them. 

2.Economical in the long run, saves money & time 

3.Easy to clean & maintain 

4.Ensure better temperature control 

5.Good for the environment

I was searching for a good steel bottle from an Indian manufacturer as I also wanted to support local businesses in India. I came across Pexpo bottles on Amazon and ordered 2 steel bottles from them, an insulated flask and a single-walled bottle. After using these bottles for a few days, here is an honest review of these products. 

But before sharing the review, let’s get to know a little bit about Pexpo. 

Pexpo – A brand, promoting & supporting the #Noplastic movement 

Pexpo is the largest stainless steel water bottle manufacturer in India. They started their operations in 2014 with a mission to contribute towards a safe and pollution-free environment by replacing plastic bottles with ecofriendly steel bottles. Today they have a state of an art manufacturing facility in Sonipat Haryana, where they maintain stringent quality standards ensuring superior quality products. You can check out more about them here:

Some of the features that make Pexpo bottles worth a buy are – 

1. Elegant design & world class quality

2. Rust-resistant & Durable

3. Travel friendly design, fit in the car & bicycles  

4. Tri ply vacuum technology used in thermo flasks

5. Comes in different shapes and sizes 

6. Value for money 

Pexpo offers a wide range of product that suits different needs like everyday travel, workouts, trekking, outdoor sports etc. 

Making sustainable & eco friendly choices
Pexpo stainless steel bottles

My experience of using Pexpo 

I have been using these bottles from quite some time now. I like them on 3 different aspects 

Bottle cost:

Chromo 1000 ml stainless steel sports bottle : INR 259

Electro 1000 ml Tri ply vacuum insulated steel bottle: INR 609

These bottles are available on Amazon.

  1. The Design: Honestly, choosing one from so many elegant designs was difficult. I was confused between the steel finish and the black coating. Finally, I choose steel finish from chrome and electro range. Each range also has a different shape which makes it even more stylish. 
  2. Quality & Finesse: While buying a steel bottle, usually quality & finesse is an issue. They are either uneven or have a poor finish. But the quality and finesse of Pexpo bottles pleasantly surprised me. You can carry them anywhere, right from business meetings to travel, they complement your style statement. 
  3. Convenience & utility: They are lightweight and convenient to carry while traveling (my suggestion, if you are planning to use them for cycling, gyming or your bag, go for the 500 ml bottle). Both the bottles are leakproof and airtight, again making them safe for travel. The Thermo bottle effectively keeps the liquid hot /cold for hours. I usually fill it with warm water and keep drinking whole day. 

We have replaced our plastic bottles with pexpo steel bottles and soon replacing our refrigerator bottles also. Pexpo bottles are good quality, value for money and above all an ecofriendly choice.


Pexpo tri ply themoflask

             To conclude, I am happy to contribute towards protecting our environment and keeping 

             it clean by making this little change in my lifestyle.I think it’s time all of us relook into 

             our lifestyle and make Eco-friendly choices because small changes can make a big 


Do check out the wide range of Products from Pexpo by clicking the link below

Also know more about Pexpo by checking this

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