ApsaraKonda Beach: A Hidden Beach in Karnataka, India

Have you ever stumbled upon a mesmerizing, hidden destination just by chance? 

Recently it happened to me. Apsarakonda beach in Honavar is a hidden paradise where we landed by chance! Here is everything you need to know about Apsarakonda beach. 

Apsarakonda Beach, Honavar
Hidden beach in Karnataka : Apsarakonda

The Story: How we landed at ApsaraKonda beach, Honavar

Before I tell you more about this lovely beach, let me share the story of how we landed here! Last year, as soon as things settled a bit after lockdown, we planned a road trip. Wanting to spend some peaceful time amidst nature and to visit Jog falls, we headed to Sharavathi valley. Know all about our 3-day trip to Jog falls & around here.

Being September, it was an ideal time to explore the world popular Jog falls and the soothing greenery of the western Ghats. 

We spent 3 enriching days in the lap of lush green mountains. It was our last night in the Sharavathy valley, cozying in the warm bon fire under the star-studded sky, relishing our barbequed vegetables, a realization came to us. 3 days were not enough! We need to spend more time to soak in the beauty of this tranquil place.  

We extended our trip by 2 more days (Two additional days won’t hurt us, after all, it was a weekend). The next morning, the plan was to visit Murudeshwar Temple and the beach. This being our first trip in months we wanted to have the best of both worlds (mountains and beaches)

beautiful Sharavathi Valley
Bonfire under the sky, Sharavathi wildlife sanctuary

One disappointment led us to another hidden treasure. How did we reach Aparasakonda Beach?   

After almost a 3 hours’ drive through the enchanted forest of Sharavathi wildlife Sanctuary, we reached the Murudeshwar temple. A larger-than-life Gopuram and the famous gigantic idol of Lord Shiva situated on the shore of Arabian Ocean was welcoming. But to our disappointment, temple was crowded. It was impossible to maintain social distancing if we had to go inside the temple. We wanted to avoid any kind of risk, as kids also accompanied us. Unfortunately, we had to admire this magnificent temple from outside only. Murudeshwar beach, right next to the temple was equally crowded.

Came across this beautiful waterfall on our way to Murudeshwar

Our experience at Apsarakonda beach! thanks to GPS! 

Relaying on the GPS to show us the way, we drove further hoping to find a less crowded beach. After some time, GPS suggested to take a turn to what seemed like a small village with dusty narrow lane. Few minutes of bumpy ride and there it was, the deep blue water, pale brown sand and the shade of unique trees. 

Sight of the sea after many months was exciting and calming at the same time. We parked our car towards the end of the road and walked to the beach. To our surprise, other than one or two fishermen, the beach was devoid of humans. May be because of Covid scare, or the timing (we reached the beach around 11.30 a.m.) or it is like that only. I am not sure. But having a beach all to yourself is no less than a luxury. 

Warm water with moderate waves and soft powdery sand provided an ideal ground for Children to enjoy making sandcastle and playing in the water. We enjoyed a peaceful time admiring the soothing sound of the waves and feel of sand under our feet. Soon it became too sunny. Although the beach has a nice green cover around, but unfortunately the area was full of broken bottles and polythene bags, making it unsuitable for sitting or relaxing. 

New, we headed to explore the places in and around. Now that you know the whole story, 

Here is all you need to know about ApsaraKonda beach. You can plan a visit too

Apsarakonda Beach, Honnavar
Beautiful Beach – Apsarakonda , North Karnataka

Apsarakonda – The Pond of Angels  

Apsarakonda means the “Pond of Angels” in kannada. The place gets its name after the pond situated in front of the beach. According to legends, the waterfall in Apasarakonda was chosen by angels or Nymphs to bathe and relax.

Apsarakonda is a small village situated 8 kms from the coastal town of Honavar in Uttar Karnataka.

How to reach Apsarakonda beach

If you are planning a trip to nearby tourist destination like Murudeshwar, Karwar or Jog falls. The best option is to drive your own vehicle or hire a cab.  We drove to this beach from Shimoga. 

The nearest railway station is at Honavar  

The nearest Airport is at Mangalore. 

Best time to visit Apsarakonda Beach

Inspite of forest cover around, it gets hot during the Summer.The best time to visit the beach is between July (Monsoon) to February (Winter)

Try to visit the beach during the morning to avoid crowd.

Places to visit near Apsarakonda 

  1. Murudeshwar temple: One of the most popular destinations near Apsarakonda is Murudeshwar. Just 22 kms away from the village, it takes half an hour to reach the famous Lord Shiva temple. Surrounded by Arabian sea from 3 sides, Murudeshwar is home to 2nd tallest idol of Lord Shiva in the world. This beautiful temple overlooking the Arabian ocean is surely a sight to behold.  
Lord Shiva temple at Murudeshwar
  • Apsarakonda waterfall: Situated behind the UgraNarasimha temple is the beautiful waterfall, a bathing and relaxation place for the Nymphs. The water here plunges from a height of around 10 ft. You can take a dip in the water as its not very deep. 
Apsarakonda Waterfall
  • Maha Ganapati temple & UgraNarasimha temple: These are the two ancient temples situated near the Apsarakonda waterfalls. 
  • Pandava caves: Walk to the hill viewpoint, along with the breathtaking view of the Arabian sea and lush green paddy fields, you will come across many caves. These caves are known as Pandava caves. According to legends, the Pandavas from Mahabharata stayed in one of these caves during their exile. 
  • Apsarakonda beach: An unexplored and unspoiled beach! The absence of shops or shakes makes it a paradise for those looking to just relax or connect with nature. The presence of few fishermen adds to the countryside feel.   

Few Travel Tips: 

  • Carry additional clothes, towel and beach accessories like Sunscreen, slippers, sunglasses etc. 
  • Do carry food and water along with you as there are no shops around. 
  • Be careful while stepping into the sea, there no lifeguards here
  • Be careful while visiting the waterfall as the place has a lot of snakes around
  • Entry to the caves is restricted, follow the rules. 

Let’s travel Responsibly

To conclude, offbeat destinations are the hidden treasures of our planet and it’s our duty to maintain their charm. Hence Travel responsibly. Some steps to follow 

  1. Carry a waste bag with you to collect all the waste and dump it at the right place
  2. Do not litter (Do not throw water bottles or liquor bottles)
  3. Maintain the peace and tranquility of the place by not making too much noise. 

I hope this article will help you in exploring this undiscovered gem. 

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  1. A beautiful beach, temples and waterfalls! This hidden gem has it all! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This looks like a beautiful beach to spend a few hours at! Hidden beaches are always so much more enjoyable, and it’s great that you saw a waterfall along the way too.

  3. Hey..this is such a serene beach. I really want to visit this part of Karnataka and see the beaches. Also the Murudeshwar temple. Hopefully things will settle back and we can travel.

  4. Always great to find hidden gems when you least expect it. So great to spend time outdoors!

  5. Beautiful. Between dont think there were any shacks or cafe’s at the beach. I was wondering what did you write on GPS to reach here? “less crowded beac”? 🙂

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