Photo walk through Kumara Parvatha Trek, Coorg – Exploring the rich biodiversity of Western Ghats

“Picture speaks more than words” 

Isn’t it true?

If you read my previous blog, I went for trekking experience to Kumara Parvatha, the second highest peak in Coorg district, Karnataka, India. It was a strenuous trek that covered around 28 kms in 2 days including medium to difficult terrain. I am happy that I could complete it successfully. YAY! I will share my first-time trekking experience and some tips for novice like me, in my next blog. 

Meanwhile, checkout the link to find out all that you know about this trek.Kumara Parvatha / Pushpagiri Trek, Coorg, India –Adventure weekend getaway from Bangalore

Apart from adrenalin rush and the feeling of accomplishing something that comes with conquering rough terrain, adverse climate and reaching the top, there is something else which is really impressive about the mountains. And that’s the lush green surroundings and tranquility. 

Being a part of Western Ghats, the World UNESCO Heritage site, Kumara Parvatha trek is home to rich biodiversity. Specially, the first 7 kms of the trek takes you through dense tropical rain forest and observing the variety of flora in this area is literally feast to the eyes. Since we trekked during monsoon, we could observe all the more diverse forms of life. 

And to do justice to a place which is heaven for a large variety of flaura and fauna, what best can be then a photo walk through the diversity which we could see and capture in this trail. 

Although I wish we had some more leisure time to observe details and capture all those wonderful jewels of the forest, especially colorful mushrooms, But Here is a quick photo walk through some of the nature’s wonderful creation. 

Let’s first cover the Magical landscape, which is divided into wet dense forest and beautiful mountains covered with grasses

Greenery surrounding the mountains
Somewhere in the woods
First view of the mountains
All wet and misty
Streams & rivulets on the way
All misty and mystique
Incredible view during sun rise
Can you see the trail?

And the variety of plants and flowers 

Vegetation on rocks
Moss on the tree
Just a Root or Sculpture?
this was huge

You thought forest was all about greens and browns! Think again!  

Since it rained, the real treasure sprouted from the ground, colorful mushrooms. Most of them are unique and brightly colored, something I had never seen before. 

Looked like a flower from distance
Some of the most colourful mushrooms I have ever seen
And they simply glow
tiny but pretty ones
the hidden kingdom

And we could capture few creatures also.

Never seen such a pretty dragon fly

Of course, the leeches. They were present all around 

Spotted Beetles too

To conclude, western ghats encompasses a great treasure of diverse life forms and is a heaven if you love nature and enjoy exploring this amazing world! 

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16 thoughts on “Photo walk through Kumara Parvatha Trek, Coorg – Exploring the rich biodiversity of Western Ghats

  1. I love seeing all those mushrooms! Did it tempt you to learn more about them? I always seem to find myself frustrated that I don’t know what they are, just that they look awesome.

    I loved your trekking post, so of course I love this photo=filled post too. 🙂

  2. Thanks for opening my eyes to a part of the world I’ve never seen before. What incredible nature!

  3. Those mushrooms are so colourful! It’d be wonderful to trek through this lush forest.

  4. The scenery is so beautiful and you’ve taken some lovely photos! I’d love to visit this national park sometimes.

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