Travel tips:Stay fit, happy & healthy while travelling

Whether you’re a couch potato looking to try and get a little bit fitter or a die-hard gym bunny whos worried about not staying in shape if you dial down on your routine, staying aligned with your health goals can be exceedingly difficult when you are travelling. Between catching flights and overcoming language barriers the last thing you want to be worrying about is maintaining your fitness goals.  Here are a few ways for you to keep fit without a gym membership on your home turf. 

Get outdoors

This is by far the cheapest, easiest and most fun way to keep up with your work out schedule. Going for a jog at your holiday destination is a fantastic way to see your surroundings and maybe stumbling across hidden gems that aren’t in your tour book. 

From swimming on the beach to doing stretches in the park, these are brilliant hubs for getting in a great workout and knowing the local surroundings better. Many parks even have a tennis court and outdoor gym areas that mean you can really switch up how you workout. Better yet its completely free!

Want something a little lower impact than a run? Go rambling or for a hike with a local club, discover the beautiful mountains and green paths your holiday destination has to offer. 

Get outdoors for Jog, run or just go around and explore the destination

Add new activities to your routine

Many of us are guilty of getting complacent with our routines at the gym. Doing hours of cardio on the same machines or lifting weights with the same number of reps every time can get more than a little tiring and tedious. Travelling to a new country can give you a new incentive to switch it up a gear. There are many fun activities which can be opted for a fun workout.Have a look in your local area and see if there are any local dance classes, swimming classes or even something low impact like barre.   

Double Check Your Diet

One of the easiest way to put on weight and derail your hard work is to eat out too frequently while travelling. A few extra drinks here and a few sweets treat there can see you being more than a few pounds heavier when you return. To make sure that you stay on track, and if your lodgings have kitchen facilities, take the time to do grocery shopping and pick up a good variety of proteins, fibres, fruits and vegetables. If you’re staying in a hotel or somewhere where there aren’t self-catering facilities don’t be afraid to request changes from the kitchen staff to get something made to meet your diet and macros.

Shop local

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