Bheemnakindi/ Bhimnakindi Trek: A day outing from Bangalore


Living in Bangalore for so many years, I never heard or read about this trek or temple before, until last week, when we participated in a camping and trekking activity.

This activity was organized mainly as a platform to experience natural and wild surroundings for Young Children. Read more about it in my next blog.

For now, I am sharing all the details about this short and beautiful trek, which you can take as a day outing activity from Bangalore or a weekend trip.

Surprisingly, not much information is available about this serene trek on the internet, which makes it an offbeat and secluded location to spend quality time with yourself or friends and family amidst nature.

About Bheemnakindi Trek

Distance from Bangalore: 83 km ( approximately)

Trek distance: Around 6 Km’s up and down

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Time required: 2 -3 hours (depending on your speed and how much time you want to spend at the peak)

Recommended for: Beginners & families with young kids

Campers creek, Bangalore
Bheemnakindi trek: A beautiful sunset

About Bheemnakindi, Hill

I am still not sure if the correct spelling is Bheemnakindi or Bhimnakindi, with this you can imagine how offbeat this location is. In searches, you can find very little information about the place and both the names have been used in different sites.

Located near a small village, Kanchana Halli in Halgur (Malavalli) off Channapattana road, Bheemnakindi hill is of Mythological, Geological & Religious importance.

Mythological Importance

Legends relate this place to Mahabharata, according to which the Pandavas lived here along with their mother Kunti and Bhima cultivated the land for Agriculture.

At the peak, the hill has a gigantic natural rock arch, which is believed to be formed due to the hitting of a huge rock by Bhima’s mace.

Geological importance

A monolithic natural rock arch formation at the peak of this hill is the major attraction. From the arch, one can enjoy the bird’s eye view of the village and surrounding areas. Spending time at this peak is a joyful experience.

Religious Importance

There is a small Shiva temple called Sri Bheemnakindi Basaveshwara temple at the peak. By the time we reached the peak, the temple was closed.

Arch at Bhimnakindi
Bheemnakindi Hill: Natural Rock arch formation 

How to reach Bheemnakindi

From Bangalore, you can take Kanakpura road or NICE Road ( whichever works shorter)

Bangalore – Bidadi – Ramnagara – Channapatna – Kanchanahalli  – Bheemnakindi base

The best way to reach the trek point is to self-drive or hire a cab as the place is a few km away from the highway.

Bheemnakindi Trek map
Map of the area. Source: Google Maps

Best time to visit

July to January is the best time to visit, that’s either during monsoon or winters when the temperature is not too high and the sun is not very strong,

Trek Experience: Bheemnakindi trek

We reached the location on Saturday evening and stayed at a farm called Camper’s Creek ( Do read about our camping experience in my next blog). After an interesting, camping under the stars experience, it was time for trekking the next day.

Campers creek, kanchanahalli
Camping at Campers Creek, Kanchanahalli 

We were a mixed group of adults and children ( 4 to 7 years of Age) and hence leaving early morning for the trek was next to impossible. It was 10 o’clock by the time we finished our breakfast and started for the trek.

Bheemnakindi hill is around 1.5 km from Campers creeks. It was a bright sunny day.We started walking uphill along with children, there was a narrow rocky path lined by tall grasses leading us to the top of the hill. Some of the bushes were thorny and sticky on the clothes, causing a bit of discomfort and etching. It especially annoyed kids.

Some part of the trek was shaded from the shadow of the hill and tall trees. We enjoyed a relaxed walk, observing birds, plants and the view. Trek was not very steep and easy to walk through, although a few places, it was narrow & slippery with bigger rocks to cross. We rested at a couple of points before finally making it to the top.

Bheemnakindi hill
Bheemnakindi hill, Kanchanahalli 

At the top was a gigantic natural arch and small cave-like formations, covering the peak of the mountain and providing shade to the temple – Sri Bheemnakindi Basaveshwara temple. The presence of the temple added to the beauty and charm of the place. The arch was too big to be captured in one frame or the video. I don’t think the pictures or the video would have done justice to the magnitude and magnificence of this arch.

The view from the arch was truly breath-taking. We spend a peaceful time relaxing under the shade and soaking ourselves in the tranquillity of this hidden gem.

After relaxing and enjoying the view for a while, it was time to march back to the base. Descending was a task, as it was noon already and the sun was really strong. We had to carry our children till the base ( on and off), which was exhausting.

Bhimnakindi, bangalore

View at Bhimnakindi
View from the Peak- Bheemnakindi Hill
View from Bheemna kindi hills
Beautiful View- Bheemnakindi Hill 

cover pic, bhimnakindi trekAfter reaching the base, we headed back to campers’ creek and enjoyed our lunch before heading back to Bangalore.

What to carry for this trek

  1. Sufficient drinking water (2 Ltrs)
  2. Light snacks like energy bars, chocolates, etc
  3. Don’t forget cap, sunglasses, and sunscreen ( as it gets sunny at some parts )
  4. Waste bag to collect and carry back trash, if any
  5. Raincoat if you are planning to visit during the monsoon season
  6. Light windcheater for winter
  7. Trekking or walking shoes
  8. Carry extra pair of clothing for children, in case too many thorns get stuck to their clothes

Few Tips

  1. If you are planning to visit during winter, I suggest wearing shorts or quick-dry clothes. Some of the grasses have thorns that stick to the clothes.
  2. Start early in the morning to enjoy a pleasant trekking experience.
  3. Walk in the group and be careful, just in case you spot any wild animal
  4. Keep the trek clean, collect all the trash and carry it back with you.

Have you ever been to this trek before? Which is your favorite trekking Location. Do read about my trekking experience to Kumara parvata by clicking the below link.

Kumara parvata trek, .

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Bheemnakindi trek a day outing from Bangalore

Bheemnakindi trek, Bangalore


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  1. This looks like a very beautiful trek! Bookmarking for when I’m in the area later this year, I would love to do it!

  2. Such a detailed guide to the day trip! Love it! It’s been a while I visited Bangalore, looks like I have made a trip down there soon

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  3. This looks like so much fun! Plus, the views are amazing! I really like hike full of rock formations and interesting points. I have been bad this year and have not hiked (or done a long walk) yet. I need to plan an outing.

  4. Yay Madhu, you are totally a hiker now!

    However you spell Bheemnakindi /Bhimnakindi, it looks like a gorgeous area to walk. The views from up high are looovely.

  5. Off the beaten path. Excellent! It’s wonderful to read about the little-known places virtually left untouched. Sounds like it was an amazing hike.

  6. Nice site about regions I personally know very little about! Enlightening! Hope I get the chance to visit one day.

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