15 Best beaches to visit in South Goa

Think about beaches, and Goa invariably pops in everyone’s mind. The diverse coastline, beautiful landscape, numerous eateries, and lively culture, make Goa a perfect party and holiday destination for everyone.

For most tourists, North Goa is the synonym for Goa. But Goa has much more to offer than just the party hangouts, casinos, and fun beaches of North Goa.

We have visited Goa several times, and every time we couldn’t resist the fun vibes, energy, and charm of North Goa. But during our last two visits, we ensured to include South Goa in our itinerary. Trust me, the charm and laid-back vibes of South Goa will make you fall in love with it instantly.

Best beaches in South Goa

Why to explore the beaches of South Goa?

Want to feel the real Goan Vibes? Visit South Goa! The scenic landscape, palm-fringed beaches, fairy tale churches, and small hamlets make South Goa a perfect destination for a romantic getaway or a soulful vacation.

The beaches of South Goa are less explored, less spoilt, and more scenic. If you love secluded and pristine locations, South Goa is a must-visit. Here is a list of some of the best beaches in South Goa, which you should include in your itinerary.

1. Cavelossim Beach

One of the most lively beaches in South Goa, Cavelossim is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy the fun vibes. Cavelossim beach has many shacks where you can laze around, especially during the evenings. The beach is usually more crowded than other beaches in South Goa. It has many pubs and high-end resorts on the main road close to the beach. With live musical performances at restaurants and pubs during the night, you can enjoy the vibrant and happy vibes, specially, during the weekends.

Cavelossim beach is perfect for a lively walk, especially during the evenings. Here, one can also enjoy water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, banana ride, etc.

Distance from Goa International Airport: 40 km

Places to visit: Mikes place,Tanggies restaurant, James Café beach hut, Octima Restaurant bar & café, Robin’s Ark bar & restaurant

2. Colva Beach

This beach is considered one of the most popular beaches in South Goa. The coastline with white powdery sand stretches across 25 kilometers, with shores lined by palm trees making this beach scenic. The most famous sculpture near Colva beach is Menino Jesus Statue. Colva beach has ample resorts, hotels, and restaurants to suit everyone’s requirements. One can enjoy adventure sports like skiing, paragliding, and parasailing.

Distance from Goa International Airport: 24.7 km

Places to visit: Martins corner, Boomerang beach bar & restaurant, 49ers restaurant & pub

3. Cola Beach

Cola is one of the unique beaches in South Goa. The lovely golden sand beach accompanied by serene palm-fringed lagoon where you can enjoy kayaking and swimming. Cola beach is situated in a secluded area away from all the habitation. To reach Cola beach, you need to drive/ walk down a rocky, dusty and uneven terrain. It is advisable not to take your car downhill (if it’s not a four-wheel drive). At the beach parking, you can find locals, who can drop you to the beach for a minimal amount. There is no mobile network on the beach which means you can enjoy your time here without distractions. Cola beach has only one shack offering food and drinks.

Distance from Goa International Airport: 57 km

Things to do: Kayaking ( INR 100 for half an hour), spend time at the beach, Laze around at the shack.

4. Pebble beach

Situated at the base of the Cabo De Rama fort, Pebble beach is one of the most scenic beaches in South Goa. To reach this stunning beach, you need to trek down uneven stairs cut out from the stones. It takes around 10 minutes to reach the beach from the Cabo De Rama fort. This unique beach has pebbles of all shapes and sizes, in addition to a breath-taking view of the ocean flanked by mountains.

The presence of pebbles makes this beach slippery, be cautious when you step down in the water, Pebbles tend to get hot during noon. Since the beach has rocks and pebbles, it’s advisable not to get into the water.Read more about Cabo De Rama

Distance from Goa International Airport: 54 km

Things to do: Explore Cabo De Rama Fort, and St. Anthony’s Church, and Enjoy the scenic view

5. Cabo De Rama beach

Cabo De Rama beach is a secluded beach situated on the other side of Cabo De Rama fort. This place is suitable for picnic lovers or those looking to spend some peaceful time with nature. Visitors can get a pleasant view of Cabo De Rama Fort upon the hillside. The beach is a bit rocky even though you can find pretty good places to swim. Luxurious and romantic cottages around add extra delight.

Distance from Goa International Airport: 55km

Things to do: Enjoy the breath-taking Sunset, Partying, and explore Cabo De Rama Fort.

6. Kakolum Beach ( Tiger Beach)

Ever been to a beach with a waterfall? If not, check out kakolem beach in South Goa. With two gorgeous and refreshing waterfalls on the beach, Kakolem is a hidden paradise . Flanked by the palm-fringed mountains, this beach is also known as Tiger beach. Tiger beach is located in Canacona close to Cabo de Rama fort. You need to trek the downhill for 10-15 minutes to reach the beach. Since the entry to the beach is through private property, you need to pay a small entry fee to the owner. This secluded wild beach has a shack, that offers delicious food and drinks. One can find a few basic rooms, incase you want to stay here. Read More about Kakolem Beach.

Distance from Goa International Airport: 51 km

Things to do: trekking, bathing in the waterfall, swimming in the sea, beach volleyball, etc

7. Agonda Beach

Agonda is yet another pristine beach in South Goa. The idyllic setting, golden sand, and clean water make it a perfect place to laze around. You won’t find any sunbeds or shacks on the beach Agonda, making it an ideal place to feel close to nature. Agonda happens to be one of the four beaches designated as the turtle nesting site. If you are lucky, you may spot some turtles here. Apart from sunbathing, swimming, walking, or running, Agonda beach is also a perfect place for fun activities like learning surfing, horse riding, dolphin spotting, and boating tour. Given its central location, Agonda is an ideal stay option if you want to explore some of the most far-off and secluded beaches in South Goa. 

Distance from Goa International Airport: 61 km

Things to do: Surfing, Horse Riding, Boating, Island Hopping, Dolphin spotting, Dolphin, hiking, windsurfing, Sunbathing, Swimming, and Paragliding

8. Palolem Beach

One of the most picturesque and famous beaches in South Goa, Palolem beach is a perfect combination of nature and fun vibes. Beach is enclosed by palm trees on one hand whereas dotted with colorful shacks on the other. The area around the beach is lively, with many restaurants and cafes around. This beach is also known for its unique silent noise parties. If you like a little happening area to stay, Palolem can be a preferred option.

Distance from Goa International Airport: 60.6 km

Things to do: Dolphin spotting, fishing, hiking, windsurfing, Sunbathing, Swimming, and Paragliding

Palolem Beach

9. Butterfly beach

Butterfly beach is one of the most secluded and tranquil beaches in Goa. There are two ways to reach the beach, either from Palolem or Agonda via boat or through trekking. There are no restaurants or stay options around this beach. Limited accessibility and the absence of shacks make this beach perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation without any disturbance. Do carry all the things you require including food, water, and other essentials.

Distance from Goa International Airport: 58.6 km

Things to Do: Enjoy nature, Sunbathing, dolphin sightings, swimming

10. Honeymoon beach

Honeymoon beach is a secluded rocky getaway.This romantic beach is  surrounded by the mountains and wilderness from three sides. Honeymoon beach can be accessed only via ferry from Agonda or Palolem.You can access the beach only during low tides, as during high tide it gets submerged.One can experience Thailand-like island-hopping vibes here.

Distance from Goa International Airport: 61 km

 Things to Do: Enjoy nature, Sunbathing, dolphin sightings, and relaxing

11. Galgibaga beach

One of the cleanest and most secluded beaches in Goa, Galgibaga is a hidden paradise. The beach is one of the designated nesting sites for the olive ridley turtles. Minimal crowd and no shacks around, makes this stunning beach all the more mesmerising. The beach has a long shoreline, with backwaters connected to it at one end.

Distance from Goa International Airport: 68.7 km

Things to do: Swimming, relaxing, Sunbathing, enjoying the beauty of the area

Galgibaga Beach

12. Benaulim Beach

According to mythology, Lord Vishnu’s arrow landed here, and that’s how the beach got its name, Banavali. It later transformed into Benaulim, during the Portuguese regime. The beach is a hub for adventure sports and attracts many tourists every year.

Distance from Goa International Airport: 28 km

Things to do: Water sports and activities like parasailing, boat riding, jet skiing, bike rides, and many more.

Benaulim Beach

13. Betalbatim Beach

This beach is known as Sunset Beach. The laid-back beach is known for its breath-taking sunset vista. This 1 km long pristine beach is also a perfect place to spot dolphins. Apart from beach and adventure activities, you can also explore the nearby churches for the perfect Goan vibes. Situated between Colva and Majorda beach, Betalbatim has an ample number of resorts, hotels, and party hubs near the beach.

Distance from Goa International Airport: 21km

Things to do: Sightseeing, Sunbathing, Church of St Thomas, dolphin spotting,

14. Varca Beach

If you are looking for some peaceful time, Varca beach is the right place to head to. Renowned for its white sand, palm-fringed shore, and lava rocks, Varca beach is heaven for beach lovers. One can enjoy boat trips and spot dolphins in the river Sal. Varca is one of the cleanest shorelines in Goa, enabling travelers to enjoy solitude here. The beach also has many shacks where tourists can enjoy an assortment of treats, including seafood in traditional cuisines.

Distance from Goa International Airport: 29 km

Things to do: Water sports, Partying, Dolphin spotting

Varca Beach

15. Majorda Beach

Majorda beach provides an eye-soothing landscape, sandy shore dotted with palm groves and soft white sands. Along the stunning coastline, many beach shacks are serving authentic Goan cuisine. One can enjoy water sports like parasailing, Banana boat ride, dolphin spotting, water skiing, speed boat ride, and many more exciting adventures. Whether you are a luxury traveler or an economy traveler, there are plenty of beachfront resorts for everyone. Some of the popular churches here are Basilica of Bom Jesus, Monte Hill Chapel, Grace Church, and Damodar Temple.

Distance from Goa International Airport: 17 km

Things to do: Toddy tapping, jet skiing, and the finger-licking seafood served by the beachside stalls.

Majorda beach


South Goa has a treasure of unmatched natural beauty and culture. From pristine beaches to white churches, to fairy-tale local houses. South Goa is a feast for your mind, body, and soul in a true sense. If you want to explore real Goa, Do visit South Goa once.

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  1. I think my favorite place to visit would be Butterfly Beach since it is secluded. What a sanctuary! But truthfully all these beaches look fabulous. Great roundup.

  2. I have not explored South Goa as much as I have done North. But, I am planning to stay in South Goa on my next trip. Saving your trip for future reference.

  3. All these beaches of Goa are spectacular. Given a choice to pick the first beach I want to visit, it will be Colva Beach. For an adventurous person like me, this beach is good for parasailing and paragliding.

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