Kakolem Beach, Goa: Secret beach with a waterfall

Do you like to explore offbeat destinations? Have you visited a beach with a waterfall ?

Lets explore the hidden treasure of South Goa- A beach with a waterfall

“Driving past quaint hamlets, palm-fringed roads, vast stretches of golden grass surrounded with abundant greenery”. What could be better than a long drive like this? We walked past the narrow dust-laden lane into the wilderness to find an incredibly intoxicating view of the ocean. But this is not all. We trekked downhill through a set of uneven stairs to be welcomed by an enchanting secret beach. The bonus point the beach had a refreshing waterfall too. 

Heavenly feeling! I am not describing any exotic location outside the country; this hidden beach is in our very own Goa. 

The Kakolem beach, also known as the tiger beach, is the most isolated and wild beach in Goa. If you like to explore unspoiled treasures, you would love Kakolem beach. If you prefer lively beaches, with many activities, check out this link- Popular beaches in North Goa. 

During our recent Goa visit this October 2021, we decided to explore some of the offbeat Locations. Kakolem beach was one of them. 

Kakolem Beach, South Goa

What makes Kakolem beach a perfect getaway: Unique beach with a waterfall  

I can go on talking about the beauty and uniqueness of this beach. Honestly, it is hard to believe an exotic beach like this exists in India. Kakolem Beach is the first beach I have visited that has a waterfall also. Kakolem is a small beach flanked by majestic green mountains and tall palm trees. The rocky structures protruding out from the water make this cove a feast to the eyes. Along with the soft brown sand and crystal-clear water, the presence of 2 waterfalls is the key highlight of this beach. The first waterfall is at the main beach, which flows down the hillside and joins the Sea at the end. One can climb a little to reach the freshwater. 

The second waterfall is a small stream on the other side of the beach in a secluded cove walled by the mountain on one side and water on the other. This section is truly magical. 

The beach is not easily accessible. It is not very crowded. There are no shacks, shops, or hotels around (except for one), making it a perfect hidden getaway. 

Kakolem Beach also known as Tigers beach
Waterfall at Kakolem Beach
Reaching uptown the waterfall

Where is Kakolem Beach (Tigers Beach)

Kokolem beach is 31 km from Margoa and 7 km from Cabo de Rama (another beautiful location in South Gao). It was about 20 km from Cavelossim, where we stayed. The roads are in good condition. Although during most of the drive-through village, there is no network. 

How to reach Kakolem Beach 

Reaching the beach is a tricky part that makes it unique. The beach is located in a deserted area with very few houses around. There are no buses available here. You can reach this place by using private transport. We used a rental car to visit this place. 

Entry to Kakolem Beach, Goa
View point from the Cliff, Kakolem Beach Goa
view point, Kakolem Beach

How we reached the beach 

The GPS to Kakolem beach will leave you in the middle of the road near a village. Take the narrow lane off that road which leads you to private property. You must pass through this property to access the beach. There is a barricade here. The owner charges INR 50 person for the entry. After around 100 meters of off-roading, you reach a Y junction. You can either park your car or bike here and walk through the right path. Or drive further on the right-hand side lane. After around 200-300 meters you reach a viewpoint from where you can witness the vast expanses of the ocean surrounded by mountains and lush green palm trees.

From this point, you need to trek down the mountain to reach the beach. There are small stairs cut out on the rock, making it easier to go down the hill. Although climbing up is always challenging. It takes around 15-20 minutes maximum to descend and reach the beach.  

Hidden paradise in South Goa : Kakolem Beach

Kakolem Beach trek , South Goa
trek to reach the beach

Things to do in Kakolem beach 

Kakolem beach is a secluded beach with very few visitors. There are no shops or shacks around except for one that offers food and drinks. There are 1-2 basic cabins for the stay. (Although I am not sure if they are functional as they were locked)

  1. Relax & unwind: The main activity at the beach is to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the place. A perfect place to spend quality time with yourself, friends, and family. You can carry games like a beach ball, disc, etc.  

2. Play in the water: The Sea was calm when we visited. The soft sand made it suitable for a dip. Do not venture too far into the Sea, as I am sure there were no lifeguards around. The presence of huge rocks makes it a bit dangerous too. 

     3. Take a shower in the waterfall: Enjoy the refreshing fresh water from the waterfall. It is easily accessible from the shack. The second spring falls directly on the beach. I liked it better as you don’t have to make any efforts to reach. 

4. Enjoy Nature: The beach has abundant greenery; you can observe the beauty of Nature. There are small crabs, shells, and other mollusks on the rocks. I showed them to my son, and happy to see things live out of the books. 

5. Reading: If you love reading, it’s a perfect place to chill and enjoy reading in peace. 

Relax & unwind : Kakolem Beach, Goa
Enjoy in the Sea: Kakolem Beach Goa
Small waterfall, Kakolem Beach, South Goa
Waterfall on the beach, Kakolem Beach
Observe and enjoy the natural beauty

waterfall at the beach
Water at the beach is refreshing

Kakolem Beach, South Goa

Is it suitable to visit with small children? 

We visited the beach with our 6-year-old, who could descend and climb up the hill comfortably. However, with toddlers, it can be challenging and hectic. 

Things to keep in mind while visiting the beach  

1. There is almost no accommodation available on the beach except for one or two huts. 

2. Carry water along with you

3. Carry all essentials, including towels, clothes, sunscreen, etc., as there are no shops on the beach. 

4. Do not forget to carry your waste bag. 

Let us protect the Nature 

It is heartbreaking to see the heaps of garbage and plastic bottles spoiling the beauty of such incredible places. It’s surprising how plastic and trash find their way even at a remote location. I strongly feel the natural beauty of such a location, must be protected. Each of us is responsible for it. Do not throw trash at the beach. Carry your trash bag and dispose of the same at the right place. I am sure garbage and plastic bags are not the kind of mark that we want to leave behind. 

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  1. Oh wow! For me, some of the best things in life are chasing waterfalls and relaxing on the beach. So this place has both, the perfect combination!

  2. Wow! Kakolem Beach and the surrounding nature look stunning. I’ve never been to a beach with a waterfall, would love to visit this one!

  3. A beach with a waterfall? That sounds like the perfect pairing. And such spectacular views too, I love it. What a great place to visit

  4. I enjoy going to beaches like this since there are less people around. And I love that it has some waterfalls too!

  5. Oh my gosh this has to be one of the more beautiful beaches I’ve seen! Kakolem in Goa looks like a great hidden gem! I would love to see the views, waterfall, and then sit down with a good and a whole bottle of wine – looks like the perfect day!

  6. Beach with a water fall.. That’s a blessing from Nature… Pictures say a lot more than words.. Never heard about this place before.. As said less accessible places are the one worth visiting..

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