Where to Travel for amazing Seafood

If you love seafood, then you’ll know that there are many varieties of seafood available around the world but not all of them are best. If you are planning to head on a culinary journey for your holidays this year, then it would be a good idea to make the most of the seafood around the world and take a trip to one of these locations. appetizer-2802_1280


Cambridge, Australia

Australia has some of the most stunning places in the world, and given the climatic conditions in this part of the world its no surprise that the seafood here is top notch. In particular, Barilla Bay seafood restaurantin Cambridge serves some of the biggest and juiciest oysters you’ll ever taste. When it comes to quality, these are the best and you should definitely try them when you visit Cambridge.

Georgetown, Maine 

New England is known far and wide for its amazing seafood. The lobster in Maine is well known all over the world and probably the best you can ever try. The beauty of this lobster is that it doesn’t need any accompaniments and in fact, chunks of this delicious shellfish with butter is just perfect.

Tokyo, Japan 

When we think of seafood and the best places in the world to enjoy it, it is impossible not to think about sushi in Japan. Japan is one of the most prolific creators of sushi and Tokyo is the cultural hub of this beautiful country. If you want to enjoy some amazing sushi this year, Tokyo should definitely be a place which lands on your bucket list.

 New Orleans, Louisiana

South of the USA is a place where seafood is different from anywhere else, this is due to the Gulf of Mexico which brings warmer climate and more amazing flavours than you could ever imagine. New Orleans offer some delicious choices like shrimp and oysters. They have an amazing way to cook this food through blackening the meat.

Palermo, Sicily

We all know Italy for its amazing food, but Sicily is often forgotten about and overlooked, and it shouldn’t be. As Sicily offers some amazing food and drink, in particular, the seafood here is wonderful. Here you’ll enjoy no frills food which satisfies your every craving and will amaze your taste buds.

Santiago, Chile 

Chile is a country which is located in South America and has some wonderful flavors to share. Due to the warm climate it enjoys, Chile has some amazing species of fish which come in a range of different sizes and varieties. In particular, the mussels here are amazing and they should be something you must try.

There are some amazing places in the world to enjoy Seafood and by traveling to some of these different parts of the world you will be able to find some of the most flavourful Seafood in the world.



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