Travelling with toddler? Few tips for hassle free vacation !

Travelling with baby/ toddler is mentally and physically tiring. I started to travel, rather resumed my passion for travel when my baby was 3 months old. I must admit, at the beginning, the thought of travel and process of planning was daunting. I often thought it was better to be at home. But than staying away from something, that gives you, happiness is difficult.

After a couple of trips, I realised that most of the times we worry for pity things just in anticipation. We worry (at least I do) so much that, we forget to live and enjoy the moment.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 3.48.24 pm.pngSome of my major concerns are

  • My little ones routine getting disturbed
  • Eating pattern changes (He refuses to eat anything).
  • Is interested in eating only junk food
  • On our recent to Thailand I had some additional worries to add to this list. Starting from weather, to sun, to sea, to him not peeing enough uff and the list goes on.

Well after some thinking and lot of experience (And off course lot of assurance from my buddy & partner). Here are few tips, which may help you to plan and ENJOY your family trips better.

 Before the Trip!

  • Plan & Plan – There was a time when we use to just get up and hit the road. Not any more. When travelling with baby/toddler, you need to plan as much as possible. Try to figure out and make arrangement in advance for things like web check in, hotel booking, travel documents, Visa, transportation etc. This will save a lot of time & energy.
  • Choosing right Hotel – Always choose a hotel with amenities like baby pool and kids play area. It really helps in engaging the kids, while you can relax, read or grab a cup of coffee peacefully.
  • Prior Visa – In case you are planning to travel abroad, get a prior Visa, even for the destinations, which offer Visa on arrival. This will definitely save you from standing in long queues and running around.
  • Pack Well – Make a checklist of things required and pack in advance. Always carry extra set of clothing, specific things as per the destination like swimming costume, Sun hat, and diapers, bathing accessories, lotion etc. For yourself pack smart!
  • Medical Kit- medical kit is a must. Carry basic medicines like rash cream, cold, cough, fever, loose motion etc just in case

For the Journey 

  • Small toys and books: Your toddler’s favorite but small toys and books can be a real help in keeping them engaged, especially in the flights. And they consume less space too!
  • Homemade Snacks: I feel one of the biggest worries for all the mommies are what their babies are eating (Is it healthy or hygienic enough). Packing some homemade snacks will ensure your toddler gets healthy and hygienic food. Also they can munch on it anytime, which will save you from handling a cranky toddler.
  • Rhymes & videos: Although I am not in the favour of toddlers glued to mobile and YouTube. But while travelling, I don’t mind making an exception. Trust me it’s a great help in keeping them at one place specially while travelling. Have your mobile or tab loaded with their favorite videos and rhymes.

 Some suggestions for YOU (Parents)

  • Take it Easy! At the end of the day, no matter how much prepared we are there will be some unexpected things or some not so good moments. Take things Easy! Breath! Stay calm!
  • Stay Hydrated: This is important especially at the beach destinations. Keep your self hydrated (some times we forget about our selves completely)
  • Take time out for yourself: If you are on a vacation, it’s important to take time out for yourself too. During our vacation we took turns to visit spa and have some relaxation.

At the end I would say, ignore small things & worries, what really matters is to enjoy the moment and family time. Aim should be to bring back some beautiful memories to cherish!

Hope these tips would be helpful. Do share your suggestions or special tips that you follow while travelling with your toddler?



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