ShootMe: Bridging the gap between Travellers and Local Photographers

Note: I would like to thanks Usha and ShootMe team for allowing me to experience their virtual and outdoor photoshoots. However, this review is unbiased and based on my personal experiences during the photo shoot. Find a special discount coupon at the end of the write up to avail 20% discount on ShootMe services.

When I visit a great location, all I want to do is capture beautiful moments. Many times, for the need of perfect click (angle, light, aesthetics), I end up annoying those who accompany me (most of the time, my better half is the victim). Do you have the same story? Read further for a perfect solution. 

Fall/ autumn themed Shoot by ShootMe

Sustainability is the word of the year for me. If you are following my blog, you would know that I have been exploring eco-friendly and sustainable products. I thought we can achieve sustainability only by using eco-friendly and ethical products. But my understanding of sustainable living broadened when I spoke to Usha, the founder of ShootMe.

She explained how her start-up promotes sustainability by connecting clients to local photographers. ShootMe highlights the underrated talent of these photographers by promoting their profiles on social media platforms. As a result, boosting the earning opportunity for local photographers. 

While sustainability is one aspect of it, ShootMe also addresses a practical problem that a lot of us face while travelling. Who will click the pictures?

When we travel to any beautiful destination, we want to capture most of it. Who does not like perfect pictures? Be it for Instagram or for treasuring special moments, pictures are an integral part of any travel.

How to get a perfect picture? Right angle, best lighting, stunning backdrop, a shot that portrays best of us ( make you look slim ;)) It often takes multiple attempts to get one perfect shot. Not everyone has the patience or interest to click so many pictures.

“ Bring a photographer along with you next time ”  is the comment I often hear from my better half.

If you often find yourself in the same situation or you are a solo traveller who misses out on getting perfect pictures, you need to know about ShootMe.

Nature inspired photoshoot by ShootMe

About ShootMe

ShootMe is a start-up that connects local photographers with travellers. As a result, they are supporting local economies as well as travellers from all walks of life. They offer their services in India, Australia, and Bali.

The questions that must be coming to your mind is

Can’t I find a photographer myself?

Finding a photographer is not a challenging task. Search on social media or google, there you go. But how reliable, affordable, and professional will the service be? You will never know until you experience it.

Will the photographer come on time? Will you get edited pictures on time without any follow-up? Quality of work? These are the questions that will keep bothering you. Nobody wants to waste their precious holidays worrying about the photographer and all the follow-ups.

Be a Tourist in your own city by ShootMe

What makes ShootMe different?

ShootMe handles the end-to-end process hence bridging this gap between the Travellers and photographers. Right from understanding the client requirement, suggesting trending themes, coordinating with the photographer to delivery of the final product. They handle each step professionally. In a nutshell, they take care of all the arrangements and follow-ups to make it a hassle-free experience for you. The only thing you need to do is to sit back and enjoy all the attention.

Autumn charm captured by ShootMe

My Experience with ShootMe

It was lockdown when the ShootMe team approached me. As a travel blogger, I look forward to creating unique content, But photoshoot during lockdown sounded like a distant dream. ShootMe then proposed a virtual photoshoot which immediately caught my attention and imagination. The thought of a professional photo shoot, at the comfort of your home, was enticing. I decided to give it a try.

Virtual photoshoot – A new Experience 

Honestly, network connection and suitable lighting were my biggest concern when it came to the virtual photoshoot. We all are aware of internet fluctuations in India. Anyway, I was curious and wanted to give it a try.

Virtual Photoshoot Experience

The first interaction with the ShootMe team:

ShootMe team proactively followed up and organized a video call with the photographer (who was in Australia). Finding the right time between 2 different time zones was not an easy task still they managed it professionally. During the call, I gave them a house tour, we finalized the spots and other logistics. I shared my expectations along with some ideas I had in mind. The team openly accepted my ideas and worked towards executing them.

Work in Progress

D-Day- virtual photoshoot

The shoot started early in the morning. ShootMe team was present before time. It took us some time to set up the equipment ( we used my phone to click pictures). Unavailability of a tripod stand created a problem. After multiple trials, we could capture some good shots. Although we all expected a better output but unstable network connection was a spoiler. However, they were patient and tried coming up with multiple ways to get creative shots. Overall it was fun and a learning experience at the same time.  

Outdoor photoshoot experience

Our next activity was an outdoor shoot. Before the shoot, ShootMe team connected me with the photographer on a video call where we discussed the theme and venue for the photoshoot.

We had two hours for the shoot. We decided to have a portrait theme highlighting different aspects of nature (fall and greenery). Although I am not natural at posing or very comfortable with shoots, the photographer made sure to keep it as natural and candid as possible. Overall it was a great experience.

Final Images

Raw images of the shoot were shared with me on the same day to select the 20 best pictures for editing. I received edited images within a few days. Everyone loved the pictures (including me).

Autumn Season, ShootMe

Overall Experience with ShootMe

Overall I had a pleasant experience with ShootMe. They handled the entire process professionally and with great precision. I received formal communication for each meeting right from day one. During both the photoshoots, the photographers were friendly, understanding, and extremely cooperative. 

How can we help in promoting Sustainability: Be a tourist in your Hometown

Indeed, in times like this, we cannot travel the way we use to. But we can support our economy and local businesses is by exploring our city. Many of us are busy exploring different countries and cities while we usually miss out on exploring our city. At least this is what happened to me! Now is the right time to explore our city. Hiring a local photographer to capture your memories while exploring your surroundings will boost local economies as well as the local talent.

If you are a solo traveller wanting to treasure your memories without bothering others or if you are a couple aiming for a destination shoot or somebody looking for impressive photographs.

Book a shoot with ShootMe and get a hassle-free experience that you can cherish forever. Use the discount code “madhuonthego” to avail 20% discount on all the services from ShootMe.

Let us support and encourage the local community by providing more earning opportunities for them.

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