S.E.A Aquarium, Singapore – Major highlights!

The objective of visiting SEA Aquarium in Singapore was to introduce our little one to the marine world. We anticipated that he would be super excited but the moment we entered the Aquarium, a large glass wall with all sorts of fishes and marine world welcomed us. At that moment I am not sure whether he was more excited or I. All I can remember is that this was a jaw dropping & mesmerizing experience for me.

Vastness of the glass wall, blue background, sight of Shipwreck and fishes moving across in the rhythmic motion, was a refreshing experience and soon we forget all the fatigue from the long walk.

beauty of fishes, Sea Aquarium.png
beauty of marine life
Sea Aquarium Singapore.png
On the floor

SEA Aquarium (South East Asia) is located in Resort world Sentosa and is one of the world’s largest Aquariums with 42.8 million liters of water. To be frank I don’t know how much water it means but certainly a lot.

SEA aquarium is home to 100,000 marine animals from 800 different species and 50 habitats from across the globe.

Visiting SEA Aquarium is a breath-taking experience for Kids and adults equally. Before you enter the Aquarium, you can see Maritime Museum, which showcases thematic galleries each related to the past eras of renowned seafarers. Although we skipped it, as our little one was sleepy and we dint wanted him to miss the aquarium experience.

Open habitat-SEA Aquarium Singapore.pngSEA Aquarium is not only beautiful but also educational. There are interactive boards by the sides of all the exhibits, which provide fascinating information, which you might miss otherwise.

Here are the major highlights, which you can enjoy during your visit to SEA Aquarium

Ship Wreck open habitat – This was where we encountered any large aquarium for the fist time and what a fascinating sight it was. Shipwreck and fishes moving around it transports you to the real ocean bed. It’s an amazing experience. Next to open habitat is the water tunnel, where you can experience sharks and rays passing above your head.

Ship wrek, Sea Aquarium.png
Shipwreck open sea habitat
Sting ray, SEA aquarium .png
beautiful rays gliding around
water tunnel .png
water tunnel 
EELS in water tunnel area

Watch out for Sharks – One of the most striking sections of the aquarium is the Shark sea, an area where you can spot big sharks including the hammerhead shark. Moving ferociously in water these giant fishes look breathtaking.

Shark sea , Singapore.png
The Shark sea 
fascinated at Sea Aquarium .png
Somebody is fascinated with sharks
Hammer head shark, Sea Aquarium .png
hammerhead sharks at water tunnel

Enjoy the serenity at Open Habitat – This was one of my favorite sections. Viewing glass of Open Ocean habitat measures a staggering 36m wide by 8.3m tall, and weighs more than 250,000 kg. Many sea animals moving synchronously with the faint but relaxing music in the background had a very soothing effect. It was like we are sitting in the ocean bed and watching these life forms. You can sit in front of this area and gaze at marine life for hours. We certainly lost the track of time here. I loved watching the big stingrays gliding through the water.


Get fascinated with Moray EelsWe loved watching eels moving across the water along with colorful pink fishes and something that looked like a stone but turned out to be some kind of fish. Also sneak into the small tunnel like whole next to the exhibit to have a closer look at this amazing creature.


Be mesmerized by the Florescent Corals – Although all marine forms are fascinating in their own way but florescent corals where surely extraordinary. Radiating many fluorescent colours in the dark these corals looked beautiful.

Fluroscent corals, Sea Aquarium sINGAPORE 

fluroscent coralsStop at the magnificent reef – This is another breathtaking exhibit. I like to call it the tree of life; this pillar like reef had many life forms on it and moving around it. Stopping by here was a special experience for sure.

2. Sea Aquarium singapore.png 

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 3.28.14 pm.png

World of Jellyfishes – You can spot different varieties of Jellyfishes in this section. Some of theme brightly yellow colored where as others which and transparent.

yellow jelly fish, Sea aquarium .png 

Jelly fishes .pngEnjoy the Fish feeding – We were lucky to witness this while we were coming back from the Aquarium. Different sections have different feed timings. For Shipwreck section its 2 pm, Tuesday to Sunday, for open Ocean its 4 pm, Tuesday to Sunday, For Shark Sea its 3.30 p.m, Tuesday & Thursday and for coral garden its 12 pm daily.

fish feeding at Open Habitat.png

Touch the starfish in open tank – One can touch and feel the starfishes in the open tank

Important details about SEA Aquarium

Timings: 10 am to 7 pm

Tickets: One-day ticket

Adult (Age 13 – 59) – SGD39 | Child (Age 4 – 12) – SGD29 | Senior (Age 60 and above) – SGD29

Time required: Around 1.30 to 2 hours

Facilities: You can find refreshment area, shopping area, Dine in surrounded by Rays and other fishes at Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora, stay at Ocean suites.

Over all I would say visit to SEA Aquarium was a memorable experience and it’s a must visit when you visit Singapore. Also checkout some of the must visit places in Singapore in 10 best family friendly attractions in Singapore 

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Have you visited SEA aquarium? How was your experience?

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  1. I have always like aquariums but the ones I have visited has nothing to do with this one. By looking at one of your pictures where you capture the people in front of one of the habitats, I can see this aquarium has huge tanks! SO glad it was a place that pleased the entire family.

  2. Hi Madhu,
    An interesting read! We visited Singapore but I didn‘t here about the Aquarium as Singapore Zoo seems to draw all attention. We will be parents soon and when we will go back with our child this is a great option.
    Cheers, Ricarda

  3. Wow what an incredible aquarium! I love the floor-to-ceiling glass and looking down through the floor at the sharks. Beautiful!

  4. Love the photos, looks so cool! Thanks for such a detailed post, I’ll have to check it out next time I am in Singapore 🙂

  5. Would have never put the aquarium on my to-do list but it looks beautiful. Just seeing how large the aquarium is compared to people makes you realize how cool it could be. Thanks!

  6. Few months back, I had the opportunity to visit Singapore and the S.E.A aquarium was on my must visit list. I can say I was stunned by their magnificence and beauty! Thanks for bringing back my lovely memories! Beautiful write up!😁

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