Restaurant Review: Grapevine, Bangalore. Best Mediterranean Restaurant in South Bangalore

If you live in Bangalore or visit Bangalore frequently or just a curious soul like me looking for a cozy corner with interesting food options, Grapevine at HSR layout is the place to be. A perfect place to spend time with yourself or with friends or even casual business meetings.

For me visiting a restaurant is not only about the food (of course the menu plays an important role), rather it’s about the experience and the vibe that suits your mood.

A few weeks back, I stumbled upon an ad on Instagram, the name Grapevine and Mediterranean cuisine sounded interesting enough to pay a visit. During my first visit itself, I loved the place for its well-lit up (you can enjoy a lot of sunlight), comfortable casual set up and the menu. The bookshelf in one of the corners immediately caught my attention and I browsed through them quickly before my food was served.

Since then I visit Grapevine often, especially for casual business meetings. During one of the visits, I met the owner of the restaurant (guess what? her name is also Madhu :))

During our conversation, Madhu shared, that the idea of opening up this place 3.5 years ago, was to offer fresh Mediterranean cuisine (that’s dishes from the places around the Mediterranean sea) at a relaxed café settings (similar to the one you find in Europe). Special attention is paid to ensure that each ingredient is fresh, and all the preparations are made inhouse.

Here’s a quick review of Grapevine Restaurant, one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in South Bangalore, serving healthy and interesting food.

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Grapevine, HSR Layout Bangalore
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My happy corner – Grapevine, Bangalore
Warm Quinoa Salad & Cold-pressed juice

Located right at the main Road

Grapevine is located in Sector 3, HSR Layout, Bangalore. Right on the main road.

Healthy & Delicious food

Grapevine offers a variety of Mediterranean dishes including Turkish pizza, mezzes, Spanish tapas, pasta etc. Along with this, they have healthy menu options including cold press juices, smoothies, soups, salads, hummus dip, yogurt bowls, etc. They do offer coffee & wines too. For their fish dishes, Grapevine uses sea breem which is a healthier option.

During my visits, I tried one of the cold press juices which were a combination of citrus fruits and I loved it. Quinoa salad was rich and filling. Although I am a vegetarian but my friend who accompanied me, tried their chicken casserole and loved it. I enjoyed the Aglio e Olio pasta and yogurt bowl with berries and homemade cereals.There is something for everyone, the health-conscious folks and those who want to binge on their cheat day!

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Executive meal – Grapevine, Bangalore

Cozy & Relaxed vibe

The ambience of the Grapevine is something that makes it a warm and cozy place, the kind of place where you can spend hours sipping your drink, reading a good book or just colouring the activity sheets they have kept on each table.The highlight for the book lovers is surely the bookshelf at the corner.

But it’s not just a place to sit alone, it is a perfect place to spend time with friends, casual meetings or a romantic dinner over drinks in the evening.

The best part about the ambiance is the glass walls that let the natural light lit up the whole place.

Enjoying my meal on a beautiful day – Grapevine


Menu is reasonably priced and offers good value for money. So, if you work close by, this can be your regular lunch place or hangout.They have a 4-course meal during lunch for weekdays only.


Cuisine: Mediterranean, healthy Keto options,meals customized for Vegan guests.

Approx. cost: INR 800-1000 for 2

Options: Seafood, Vegetarian, Nonveg, Healthy options

Must try: Aglio e Olio Pasta, Executive Meals Combo, Cold Press Juices, and Mezze Platter

Suitable for: Solo, Friends, Meetings, Couple and Workshops

Ignore: Has to be the famous Bangalore Traffic, if you are coming here from another part of the town

Have you been to Grapevine, Bangalore? Do share your experience, what you liked the best here?

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  1. Place looks peaceful and healthy food in a restaurant is bliss. Would visit there for my next get together. Thanks for sharing

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