Product review: Anishuna, Sustainable and Ethical clothing

Less is more! Especially when it comes to fashion and clothing. 

Till some time back, I was an impulsive shopper. Current fashion trends used to attract me until I learnt the shocking fact about how much water is consumed in making one pair of jeans. Google search says it’s up to 10,000 Ltrs. Astonishing. Isn’t it? 

That’s when I started reading articles about fast fashion, cosmetics and their impact on the environment. And came enlightenment! Maybe we need to slow down and reconsider our choices. 

I have been trying to find out alternatives which are sustainable and ecofriendly. If you are following my blog, you would have come across articles about sustainable skincare products. Today I am going to talk about a brand which is into sustainable and ethical clothing. But first, we need to know, what is a slow fashion and how it’s good for us and our environment.

Charlotte by Anishuna


What is slow fashion? 

I would say, slow fashion is about investing rather than spending. Investing in better quality clothes that not only last longer but are environmentally friendly also. It’s an approach to fashion where the focus is on adapting sustainable processes, resources and fair treatment of people, animals and environment. 

What are the benefits of Slow fashion?

By now you already know. But let us sum it up. 

•          Less wastage, more saving 

•          Supporting local and small businesses  

•          Environment friendly, Lower carbon footprint

•          Supporting animal welfare

And much more.

While looking for brands that support sustainable clothing, I came across Anishuna. I ordered a dress from them and loved it. Today I am going to share some details about this brand. 

Anishuna – Sustainable and Ethical clothing

An upcoming brand in the business of handcrafted fabrics and sustainable clothing. Anishuna focuses on handicraft industry, by using ancient techniques like Batik and Bagh prints in their clothing range. They work with local artisans and promote the ancient Indian art. 

Before ordering the dress, I reached out to Akanksha, the founder of Anishuna to know more about her work. 

Anishuna’s Story 

Akanksha completed her master’s from Sydney, Australia and worked there for four years. While in Australia she observed the influence of Indian designs and handicraft on clothing. When she returned to India, she wanted to start her own business. To promote the Indian handicraft in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, she started Anishuna. Currently, Akanksha is based out of Indore and works with local artisans near the villages in Ujjain. 

Akanksha trying her hands on block printing

Anishuna – promoting Handicraft & Slow Fashion 

While interacting, Akanksha explained how handcrafted fabrics promote slow fashion. It takes a long time to manufacture fabric as they are pure and high quality. Techniques like Batik & Bagh print (which Anishuna use in their collection) can only be done on pure fabrics like cotton, silk, wool etc. 

The dyes used for printing are organic. Bagh print uses material like rust, turmeric, dhawdi, pomegranate rinds and other plant-based dyes. Sometimes mud is also used as resistance.  

The whole process of dyeing takes 2-3 days.

Batik work by Anishuna

The Batik technique – Some interesting information

Batik is an ancient technique that originated in Java, Indonesia. Batik is wax-resist dyeing of the cloth, which uses wax to create designs on a white cloth that resists the dye. After washing beautiful designs emerge on the cloth. Batik technique arrived in India in the 1st century. 

Here are few pics and videos showcasing the process of Batik printing. 

Last process of Batik printing

Anishuna – Collection range 

Presently Anishuna’s range is limited to Indian dresses, western dresses and bedsheets. However, they will soon launch curtains and Menswear too. 

My experience – Product review

I ordered a dress called Charlotte from Anishuna. A blue cotton dress with Batik print on it. I found the fabric soft and extremely comfortable. It fitted me well too (which generally is a concern while ordering online)

I especially loved the packaging, which itself indicated that the dress is created and packaged with so much love and care. 

And ultimately, a good feeling of contributing towards the betterment of nature, local artisans and supporting our art and culture. 

Adopting ot Slow fashion

If you are looking to adopt eco-friendly and sustainable living. Do checkout Anishuna, you will like it. 

Also, use the discount code “Madhu” to get an additional 5% discount.

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  1. I am all for supporting local artisans and made in India slow fashion products. This brand looks quite promising and the blue dress looks so comfortable and beautiful ❤️.

  2. It looks so lovely and comfortable. Especially the material,its so organic and the methods are so transparent… the packaging part as well…

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