Ordeal in Jungle – Madhai gateway to Satpura

सतपुड़ा के घने जंगल।
नींद मे डूबे हुए से
ऊँघते अनमने जंगल।
These are the lines from the poem Satpura ke jungle that I read in school long back. Ever since I wondered what an experience it would be to visit this place. Finally got an opportunity after so many years to explore this mysterious and sleepy place called Madhai.

Never heard of it ?Even I never knew that a place like this existed till my travel enthusiast father ( I guess the craze for travel is a genetic defect that we have 🙂 ) told us about it. In fact he was making plans to visit Madhai for many months.

130 kilometer from Bhopal, situated on the bank of river Denwa,Madhai is the gateway to the most exquisite and beautiful forests in India- The Satpuras.Dense forests, rich wild life, sprwling meadows, large backwaters and beautiful view of nature,all at one place.Madhai offers not just a panoramic view of The Satpuras ranges but also is the ideal place for the traveller to be in total sync with nature.

We started our journey from Bhopal by road in the morning. On the way we stopped at MP tourism’s highway treat restaurant.This restaurant is situated at the diversion for another UNESCO world heritage site- Bhimbetka.The rock shelter famous for prehistoric caves paintings.Bhimbetka is named after one of the pandavas,Bhim.Never the less we reserved the visit to Bhimbekta for next time as this time our aim was to spot tiger at his natural habitat.
Highway treat is a neat n clean restaurants with beautiful open area surrounded by green trees and railway track.Sitting here sipping a cup of hot coffee and fresh vegetable cutlets gave me a nostalgic feeling.At highway retreat you can also get information brochures about other famous destinations in MP.

After another two hours drive,we arrived at our destination.In between we drove through Hosangabad and entered the mighty Satpura Range,tall trees on both sides of the road,fresh air and clear blue skies.

At Madhai we stayed at Satpura Jungle retreat, cottages situated in a nice open area. Rooms here are very basic with no television but who needs a television when you have a view of mighty river and satpura forest.Our room was very spacious and clean with a balcony providing a magnificent view.

Same day,we went for a boat ride after lunch.The moment we arrived at the boating spot,I understood,that I was underestimating what my father showed me in Google maps.The river and it’s back water covers a gigantic area.Water sorroundings the jungle provides a magnificent sight and will leave you spellbound.
You can either opt for half an hour boat ride or one hour.Boat took us to other side from where we could see the dense Satpura forest.we spotted kingfisher bird ,white kingfisher and sambar.

After a refreshing boat ride,we returned to our cottage to witness the breath taking sun set view. Night it was dinner by the bonfire at resorts lawn. Madhai is the perfect place for digital detox as most of the times you don’t even get bsnl signals.

Next day was the D day that’s jungle safari day. Reporting time was morning 5.30.It was a 5 hours trail through forest,river and mountain in search of the tiger.But alas we couldn’t spot one,although there were other animals in abundance like Sambar,Bison, Peacocks etc.
Though there was a disappointment for not being able to spot tiger but the same was made up by the wilderness,tranquility and mystery that Madhai offers.
Here silence speaks louder than words,not to your ears but to your heart.

Tips:-book the jeep ride for Jungle safari online as there are limited numbers available.
There is also an option for elephant safari.
There are no phone signals,no atms or restaurants near by so make arrange nt accordingly.

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