Major attractions at Lagoi Bay, Bintan, Indonesia- Unforgettable experience!

Newly constructed building, a blend of traditional and modern design surrounding an open space, with a pleasant sitting area by the water fountain. Strings of decorative lights shinning all around. Jazz music filling up the air. Picture perfect. Isn’t it! That’s Lagoi plaza. A newly constructed shopping mall or rather entertainment area in Bintan, Indonesia.

If you have never heard of Bintan before, check out my blog to know all about it, Bintan, Indonesia: Perfect weekend getaway from Singapore. Major attractions!

In this post I will share our experience of visiting Lagoi Bay, thanks to my husband who suggested that this place needs a special mention. I will also cover the major attractions at Lagoi Bay.

It’s difficult to describe exactly how we felt at Lagoi Bay. Probably mix feelings including excitement, melancholy, a bit dreamy, a bit romantic and slightly scary. Have you ever felt like this while travelling to a new place? Especially, when you are the only visitor!

Lagoi bay-Entrance.png
Entrance of Lagoi Bay

It was our second day at Bintan. After relaxing in our resort the Nirwana Resort Hotel (read review of this beautiful property) for almost 1.5 days, we thought it was time to explore a bit. Since we were already late for the other part of the town, A promotion poster of Lagoi plaza caught our attention. Specially the lantern park and trick museum.

Free drop and pick up from the resort was an added advantage. So we decided to visit Lagoi plaza, which is a newly constructed mall in the Lagoi bay area and has all the Souvenir shops.We hopped in a 6 p.m. shuttle and reached Lagoi plaza in around 30 mins. Scheduled pick up from Lagoi plaza (back to our resort) was at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m..There were around 8-10 tourists who got out of the shuttle along with us. Blame in on a weekday but there were only handful of visitors in the mall. It was almost 7 p.m., So we planned to take the last shuttle back to the resort, which was at 10 p.m.

Entrance of Lagoi plaza
11.Toy train lagoi plaza bintan.png
dreamy..Lagoi plaza

The moment we reached Lagoi plaza, we hopped into a 7/11 department store to stock up our supplies, because in entire Bintan resorts area you don’t find such shop with reasonable price.And then it was time to take a look around. Seemed like there was not much to do. But we explored a couple of activities, which will help you utilize and enjoy your time at Lagoi Bay.

Photo opportunity – Lagoi plaza has many options where you can take those beautiful pics for your Instagram and make everybody wonder. There is also a trick photography store, but unfortunately we could not visit it. Right in front of Lagoi Plaza, is a beautiful beach too. Since it was already dark, we dint go till the beach

BintAN bEER.png
Photo opp- why not !
Lagoi plaza entrance.png
Make a wish
Restaurant, Lagoi plaza,Bintan.png
One of the restaurants

Lantern Park –One of the main reasons for us to visit Lagoi plaza was the lantern park. I had never seen something like this before. Gaint lanterns showcasing endangered Animals, glowing beautifully in the dark, our experience here was a magical & dreamy one. Although being only visitors in the park, we were little uneasy too. However kids will surely have a great time here !

Lantern park, jelly fish.png
Mystic & magical – Lanttern park
Lattern park,lagoi plaza
glittery & glowy- Jelly fishes

2.Lantern park,Bintan.png 

5.Lantern park, bintan.png

3.Lanttern park, Bintan.png



7.Lantern park bintan.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 8.52.41 pm.png

Indulge in Local flavors – I must say that Lagoi plaza is a beautiful complex but most part of it is still vacant and you will find only handful of shops, most of them are restaurants where you can relish on the local cuisine at reasonable price. There is also a roof top bar at the hotel adjacent to the Plaza, but we dint visit it.

 4.Lagoi Plaza, Bintan-restaurants.png7. Lagoi plaza Bintan.pngSpa & Massage parlor – There are a couple of Spa & massage shops around. The Spa offers a free drop to Bintan resort area. If you have time you can indulge in little pampering. My husband opted for Massage, while I was checking out the restaurant.

Paddle out Odong odong- Once we finished visiting the lantern park, we noticed some vintage cars and vans on the corner of the road.These vehicles looked attractive with all the colors and glow lights around. We decided to take a ride as there was nothing much to do. After sometime we figured out that these funny vehicles are without engine and you have to paddle them like a bicycle.. But it was too late to change our minds as our little one already made up his mind to get a ride. So there we go paddling the Odong Odong along the road. It was tiring but a different experience.

Odong odong.jpg
Bicycle or Van ?
Odong odong-1.jpg
The vintage collection
Odong odong ride,Bintan.png
Here we go !

Enjoy the Music & pleasant atmosphere – finally after exploring the entire area, we realized that we still have around 45 mins in hand. At the beginning it was boring as we were the only visitors in the entire mall, except for few locals here and there. We could hardly see anybody. Then we sat at the restaurant enjoying the music, entire atmosphere; indulge in conversation with locals over the drinks.

5.Lagoi plaza bintan.png
Get transported to La La land !

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 8.51.51 pm12. Lagoi plaza Bintan

11. Lagoi plaza Bintan.pngBlue lights, Lagoi plaza.pngThe Positive Side – Initially I was little uncomfortable, as the entire set –up reminded me of some thriller/Serial killer movies (like house of wax or Zombie land) where you have the full carnival set up with lights, rides and everything but nobody around and a bunch of Zombies may suddenly  pop up from somewhere.

But thanks to my husband, who made me see the other side of it. Of course this place deserves a special mention as it has its own charm.

And then I realized that actually this mystic place looks more like a set of La La land or some other musical romantic movie. Where the smooth sound of beautiful Jazz music was filling up the air, Making you swing unknowingly to the rhythm under the clear skies, surrounded by all the lights and beauty. How romantic isn’t it! I wished Ryan Gosling would have appeared from somewhere!!!What a pleasant place to spend some good time with your loved one.

To sum up, our visit to Lagoi Bay was not an exciting but dreamy one.. And yes the place grows on you and we started to enjoy our time. It was for sure a memorable one.

So whenever you are in Bintan, take some time out and visit Lagoi Bay for some unforgettable experience.

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Major attractions in Lagoi Bay, Bintan, Indonesia .pngLagoi Bay, Bintan Indonesia, unforgetable experience.png

61 thoughts on “Major attractions at Lagoi Bay, Bintan, Indonesia- Unforgettable experience!

  1. I would love to visit Bintan, Indonesia! The vintage cars look fun to drive. I would go straight for the VW Bug car. Thanks for sharing these great tips on things to do here.

  2. Very interesting! So many good photo spots and the lanterns are unique. Nice bonus that there is the free shuttle

  3. Indonesia is definitely a place that I’d like to be back in. Bintan sounds interesting and first time learning about Lagoi Bay! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Can’t believe there was no one else around in this amazing park. Why do you think that was? Those lanterns look so incredible <3 Love such hidden gems in any city 🙂

  5. I love those lanterns so much. We had something similar in my home one year on the Chinese New Year. I think that I would personally prefer to see Indonesia’s natural attractions, but these look like they are great things to check out after dark and with the fam. Lovely!

  6. What a fun place! My family would love this. We have never been to Indonesia but we’re hoping to visit there, hopefully next year. I will keep save this post for when we go. Thanks for the tips!

  7. This place looks super cool! So much happening. It looks like a real night time hot spot. Would love to visit here

  8. Indonesia is at the brim of my bucket list now. This place looks like a complete entertainment hub. Photo points, food, experiences – just perfect.

  9. Whoa, I think the bright lights might be a bit much for me! But it looks like a fun spot. I wonder what it’s like by day.

  10. This place looks so fun! I can’t believe how many great photo opportunities there were in one spot! My kiddos would love all the colors!

  11. Hi Madhu, I’d love to visit Indonesia and the many sites you’ve described. They look amazing, especially the lanterns. I’ve seen pictures of lantern festivals in south East Asia but these lanterns are just out of this world. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Squeee! I blooming love all those jellyfish! Lantern park looks like a brilliant place to explore, even if you were not a huge fan of the whole area!!

      1. I saw an amaaaazing lantern festival in Japan once (in Aomori prefecture) I have a feeling you would LOVE it!

  13. Indonesia is such a treat. Missed this one the last time. Those lanterns really are amazing and this one is a visual treat. Hope to get here

  14. Wow, I love those neon lights at nighttime, especially the lit tuk tuks – so cool! Normally I would head to home when the sun sets but this would keep me out late, hahaha!

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