How to make the most out of your Long haul travel

If you are looking to travel to the other end of the world, it is important that you make it worthwhile. All that money paid for the tickets, and 20-30 hours spent while traveling, should be worth. Hence it’s important that we make the most out of the time available, to create long lasting and fulfilling memories. One should always plan ahead, do sufficient research and explore the best available opportunities. Through this blog I am sharing few tips which can help you make your long haul travel worth and memorable.

make most out of your long haul travel

Stay Longer to Make It Worthwhile 

If you are travelling for days to reach a destination , you don’t just want to spend a few days and only touch upon few places. It might be a good idea to take time out and tour around the country or book different experiences know the place, people and culture more closely.Its always good to experience different aspects of a place closely. For example, if you are traveling to India, you can explore the entire Golden Triangle and stay in a spiritual resort for a couple of days to relax your body and mind. 

Stay longer and explore different aspects of the country

Hire a Local Tour Company 

It’s always better to go local ! While visiting Asia, choose for local tour operators as they are always cheaper and better. They will offer a better price if you are booking directly. You have to remember that Western tour operators will add their commission on the price, and you will be getting the same package and possibly a lower quality service, too. Find a tour operator who is local and can accommodate your individual needs.

Apartment Rentals

If you are planning to stay at a place for a couple of weeks, its a good idea to rent an apartment which is closer to the major transport links as well as markets. This way you can save money on your hotel bills and take advantage of online booking sites. Check out some of the offers available from Luxury Apartments – By Meritonthat offer a homelike environment and all the amenities you can wish for. You can find different apartments depending upon your budget and requirements.

Rent apartment in the area well connected to important places

Mix with Locals

It might also be a good idea to stay in a residential neighborhood, instead of just booking a resort hotel. You will learn much more about the culture and the traditions, and might end up seeing places and attractions most tourists never even heard of.It is a good way of soaking in the spirit of the place and improving your cultural awareness at the same time. 

Mix with locals

Create a Diary

It might be impossible to remember every place you went to and every attraction you visited. If you are a travel blogger, or would like to write or vlog about your experience, it might be a good idea to create  a daily diary or a log book, listing your itinerary, taking pictures with the location and date stamp on, and organizing them at the end of the day. This will make your job much easier to remember all the memories you created. When you are ready to explore faraway lands, you will have to plan your journey more than if you were going on a road trip or taking a vacation in the Caribbean. Make sure that you know what you want to see and how you would like to spend your days before you book your tickets. 

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