Best resort near Belur, Karnataka: Review of Dwarasamudra resorts, Sakleshpur, Belur

Looking for a perfect weekend getaway or a peaceful staycation near Bangalore, read this blog. 

We are back from our recent weekend getaway. It was quick but refreshing and enriching. This time we explored a beautiful resort near Belur called Dwarasamudra. 

The whole pandemic scenario has shifted our focus towards appreciating the beauty in and around us. In the last one and a half years, I have explored many places around Bangalore, which I could never visit in the past 6-7 years. 

It’s rightly said, a necessity in the mother of all inventions. In my case need to get away is the mother of all exploration. That’s the case with all of us these days! What do you think?

Anyway, while searching for good staycations near Bangalore, I came across a beautiful homestay with an open courtyard. The old rustic charm of this open courtyard and the idyllic settings made us choose this resort.  

Before I share my experience and honest review, let me share some details about Dwarasamudra resort.

Green Pastures Homestay, Belur
Drawasamudra Resort

Dwarasamudra Resorts and Villas – An Experiential Stay 

A perfect place for a family getaway or a staycation. The resort has two sections, 14-year-old rustic Homestay with heritage rooms. The second section includes 1BHK villas, aesthetically designed for a relaxing family getaway or staycation. The whole place has a warm and homely feel about it. 

The resort is nestled between a lush green coffee plantation and acres of farms dotted with tiny hamlets. The place is blissfully secluded, with hardly any residences around.  

Dwarasamudra Villas- Perfect family getaway
Coffee Plantation at Dwarasamudra Resort, Belour

Location: Beautiful resort near Belur & Sakleshpur

The resort is situated in Karnataka state in India. The resort is located close to Hassan, Chikmagalur, Sakleshpur, and Belur. It’s around 8 km away from Belur, the UNESCO world heritage site famous for its mesmerizing temples. Dhwarasamudra is 226 km away from Bangalore. It takes 4-5 hours to reach if you drive from Bangalore.  

Ambiance: Old rustic charm 

1. Green Pastures Homestay: The resort is designed beautifully, keeping the finer details in mind. Taking a stroll around or just sitting by the open courtyard is an absolute feast for your mind and soul.The homestay part of the resort is called green pastures. Tiled roof, two large wooden swings at the entrance overlooking the open area decorated with antic artifacts, the place has an old-world charm. The rooms are spacious with a high ceiling, king-sized antique bed, and a gigantic wardrobe, all made of solid wood. The homestay also has a common hall with a television and a dining area. 

The building overlooks a swimming pool and enchanted coffee plantation. 

Surrounded by greenery , Dwarasamudra Resort
Beautiful open courtyard
Blissful Morning- Dwarasamudra resort

2. Dwarasamudra villas: Home away from Home

Close to the entrance are the newly constructed contemporary villas with all the modern amenities. Each villa has a lush green lawn dotted with some coffee plants and other trees. The hall has a beautiful sit-out overlooking the open ceiling from where you can enjoy the natural sunlight and the air (rains too). There is a small kitchen on the other side of the hall. The bedroom is spacious and well ventilated with a beautiful view. I liked the community feel of this place. It’s a safe and perfect getaway to spend quality time with family away. The best part is you can own the villa as well. Click the link for details.    

Amenities: Perfect getaway for the family as well as the staycation 

1. Recreation: The resort offers amenities like a beautiful pool overlooking the coffee plantation (we could not use the pool as it was raining), a kids play area, a Bonfire, other games like carom, board games, volleyball court, etc. 


Pool, Dwarasamudra Resort
kids play area, Dwarasamudra resort

2. Perfect for Staycation: Usually, the problem with secluded resorts is the poor signal and unstable internet connection, making it unsuitable for work. But the best part at Dwarasamudra was the perfect network and internet connection. Wi-fi is also available. 

Pet friendly: It’s a pet-friendly resort 

3. Rooms: Rooms are spacious, well ventilated, and well maintained. All the basic amenities like toiletries, towels, and water are available.

4. Food: The package includes all meals, snacks, and beverages. The food here was simple yet delicious. We relished different varieties of dosa and other dishes every day. You can inform the staff of any specific requirements. They are very courteous and oblige happily. 

5. Activities: The resort offers trekking and nature walk through the village in addition to in-house activities. I enjoyed walking across the coffee plantations and farms (thanks to Apoorva, the owner of the resort, who accompanied me and showed me around) 

nature walk at Dwarasamudra resort

Our Experience: Floored by Hospitality & natural beauty

It was already dark when we reached the resort. Thankfully the GPS and our phones were working. We did not face any difficulty in finding the place. Although, I was a little apprehensive as we were visiting for the first time. We were greeted warmly by the resort manager. It was almost dinner time and, other residences of the resort were at the dining area. It was a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. We enjoyed the bonfire during the night. 

The next day, the sound of a peacock woke me up. They were very close, so I went for a walk in the coffee plantation, hoping to spot a peacock. Although I couldn’t spot them, it was refreshing to hear peacocks, chirping birds, and observing tiny creatures. Walking around the resort and observing the beauty of nature is a visual delight. Soaking in the warm sunlight filtering through tall teak trees was a heartwarming experience. We enjoyed the day lazing around and being close to nature. My son was excited about spotting spiders and making friends with a cute puppy. In the evening, we went to visit Chennakeshava temple in Belur. 

Why should you visit Dwarasamudra resort? 

We stayed at the resort for two days and loved every bit of it. I truly loved the friendly staff and the hospitality. They are humble and always eager to help. They made us eat so much, that I am sure I have put on a few extra kilos in 2 days. 

Secondly, I loved the secluded yet warm and friendly atmosphere. Spending time with your loved ones in the natural surrounding was an unmatchable experience. 

We are eagerly looking forward to going back to Dwarasamudra resort. Do check it out and make your bookings here. 

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  1. What a magical resort to stay at! I love that it’s surrounded by nature but still has a lot of unique and modern amenities in it for relaxing.

  2. Dwarasamudra Resort looks like a beautiful resort and perfect place to get away. It’s nice that trekking and walks are offered as activities to explore the area.

  3. This resort looks absolutely amazing! Perfect for a true tropical getaway. I love that it’s so natural which makes it incredibly relaxing.

  4. That resort looks beautiful! What at incredible places to relax and really soak up nature. Thanks for sharing!

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