Best beaches in Havelock, Andaman & Nicobar Island- Paradise in India

One of the most popular Islands in Andaman & Nicobar, Havelock is a tropical paradise. 

With its Azure water, white shoreline and dense tropical jungle, Havelock have all the ingredients for a perfect dream vacation. This tiny laid-back island is sparsely populated and still unspoiled by over-tourism (you will not find party places or eateries here like Goa) makes it appealing to Nature Lovers, peace seekers and adventure enthusiasts alike. (Oh, how can I forget the honeymooners)

The beaches in Havelock are world-class. The best part is each beach here is unique in its way. 

Here is a list of the five best beaches in Havelock that you must visit

Top 5 beaches to visit in Havelock 

1.        Radhanagar Beach 

2.        Kalapathar Beach 

3.        Elephant Beach 

4.        Vijaynagar Beach 

5.        Govind Nagar Beach 

Best beaches in Havelock Island

Radhanagar Beach 

Things to Do at Radhanagar Beach

1.        Swimming 

2.        Sunset viewing

Timings to visit Radhanagar Beach

Beach is open 24 hours, but swimming is allowed only till 5.30 p.m. You need 2 to 3 hours if you plan to swim in the water. 

How to reach:

Radhanagar beach is 11 km away from the Havelock Island jetty. You can reach either by the Government operated buses or hire a taxi or rent a bike to reach Radhanagar beach. 

The trip to Havelock is not complete without visiting Radhanagar beach. In 2004, Times Magazine bestowed it with the title of the best beach in Asia and the 7th best beach in the world. 

It is one of the 8 beaches in India to receive the prestigious Blue flag certification, one of the world’s most coveted voluntary awards for beaches, marinas and sustainable boating tourism operators. 

With so many awards & recognitions, Radhanagar beach is the crown jewel of Havelock. The beach offers a panoramic view of the emerald green/ blue water, surrounded by tropical jungle on both sides. Right at the gate, you are welcomed by gigantic trees, wooden benches cut out of huge tree trunks and mesmerizing view of the sea. Radhanagar is one of the few beaches in Havelock where swimming is allowed. The optimum waves and right depth make it an ideal place to play and swim in the water. The lifeguards are also present on the beach. Apart from swimming, this beach is also known for its stunning sunset vista. It’s truly a breathtaking experience and something that you should not miss out on. 

Outside the beach, you can find small souvenir shops.

Tips: Swimming in the sea is allowed only till 5.30 p.m. Sun sets early in Havelock between 5.30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Plan your visit accordingly.

Sunset at Radhanagar Beach, Havelock
An evening at Radhanagar Beach, Havelock
Radhanagar Beach , Andaman & Nicobar

Kalapathar Beach 

Things to Do at Kalapathar beach 

1.        Relaxing 

2.        Witnessing the Sunrise 

3.        Photography 

Timings to visit Kalapathar:

The Beach is open 24 hours. You may need an hour (minimum) to walk around and soak in the beauty of this magnificent beach.

How to reach Kalapathar Beach

Kalapathar is around 10 km from Havelock Jetty. You can either hire a taxi or an auto or bike. If your resort/hotel is not far from the beach, you can also take a stroll to the beach.  The road to the beach itself is scenic with patches of green fields and blue ocean along the way. 

If Radhanagar Beach is the crown jewel of Havelock, then Kalapathar beach is no less than a shiny gem. It is one of the most impressive beaches that I have ever come across. 

The Turquoise blue water, white powdery sand and palm-fringed coastal line soothe your senses in the best way. This beach is comparatively peaceful not frequented by many tourists (as compared to Radhanagar beach). Kalapathar gets its name from the presence of black boulders that forms a contrasting picture against the blue and white backdrop of the sea. 

The beach is known for its mesmerizing sunrise. Try to reach the beach around 4.30 a.m. to 4.45 a.m. 

Apart from witnessing the glory of the rising sun, you can also soak in the soothing beauty of the surroundings for hours. All you need to do is grab a book and a drink.

This beach has some stunning spots perfect for photography. Do carry your camera along. 

Kalapathar Beach, Havelock
Kalapathar Beach, Havelock Island
Kalapathar Beach, Andaman & Nicobar

Elephant Beach 

Things to do at Elephant beach 

1.        Swimming

2.        Snorkeling

3.        Water sports 

4.        Sea walking 

5.        Photography 

Timings to visit Elephant Beach

Elephant beach opens early in the morning. The first ferry leaves the Havelock Jetty at 7 a.m. The beach remains open till 4 p.m. and the last ferry leaves at 3.30 pm. You need to include one day in your itinerary to enjoy all the activities at Elephant Beach. Start early so that you have ample time to relax and explore this beach. 

How to reach Elephant Beach from Havelock 

You can either take a ferry from Havelock Jetty, which takes around 20 minutes to reach or walk through the jungle to reach Elephant Beach. During our trip, we took the ferry. 

If fun and adventure are what you associate a beach with, then Elephant beach is the right place for you. Popular amongst tourists, this is the only beach in Havelock where you can experience thrilling water sports. Elephant beach is famous for its colourful coral reefs, not very far from the beach. Hence Snorkeling is one activity that you must try here. Other activities to try in Havelock are swimming, kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, sea walk and glass-bottom boat ride. 

A locker facility is available (Rs.10 for one locker) at the beach to keep your belongings and change of clothing. There are some snack stalls available at the beach. However, there are no restaurants or any permanent establishments at the beach.

Another unique thing about Elephant beach is the presence of large tea trunks scared all around the beach, making it artistic and aesthetic. A perfect destination for creative photoshoots. 

Tips: Do carry a swimming suit, towel and other beach essentials. 

Snorkelling at Elephant Beach, Havelock
Elephant Beach Havelock
Elephant beach ,Andaman

Vijayanagar beach 

Things to do at Vijayanagar beach 

1.        Relaxing 

2.        Sunbathing 

3.        Photography 

Timings to visit Vijayanagar beach

Vijayanagar beach is open 24 hours. You can visit the beach at any time of the day. 

How to reach Vijayanagar Beach 

Vijayanagar beach is very close to Havelock Jetty. You can opt for a taxi or bike or walk to the beach. 

An idyllic beach with crystal clear water, reflecting multiple shades of blue (right from transparent to turquoise), soft white sand glistening like silver and a green cover of palm trees. Vijayanagar beach, also popularly known as beach no. 5 is truly a picture-perfect paradise. This beach is not frequented by tourist and you often find small crabs and shells for a company. Perfect place to soak in the tranquillity and solitude, away from the hustle-bustle of the town. 

All you can do at Vijayanagar beach is relax and enjoy doing nothing. A book can be your best companion here. When we visited the beach, the water was shallow till far. 

Tip: Carry your water bottle and beach essentials as there are no shops around. 

Havelock Island, India
Vijayanagar Beach, Havelock

Govind Nagar Beach 

Things to do at Govind Nagar Beach 

1.        Scuba diving 

2.        Photography

3.        Relaxing 

Timings to visit Govind Nagar Beach 

Govind Nagar beach is open 24 hours. However, timings for scuba diving are from 5.30 a.m to around 1.30 p.m. Book and confirm your scuba slots in Advance. 

How to reach Govind Nagar Beach 

Govind Nagar beach is very close to the Havelock Jetty. You can hire a taxi, an auto rickshaw or bike to reach here. During mornings or evenings, you can walk to the beach also. 

Also known as the Beach no. 2, Govind Nagar is a hub for scuba diving in Havelock. Most of the parts of this beach are rocky with shallow crystal-clear water. In some parts, you can spot mangroves also. The famous Nemo reef (the place for scuba diving, where you can spot Nemo or clownfish) is situated right next to this beach. There are many resorts and cafes in and around the beach, yet this beach is not very crowded. Apart from scuba diving, you can also enjoy sunbathing and photography here. During the evenings, walking on the soft sand in the dim light is a delightful experience. 

Govind Nagar Beach (Nemo Reef)
Scuba diving at Nemo Reef
Govind Nagar beach, Havelock

To sum it up! 

Havelock is a heaven on Earth. With world-class beaches and an abundance of marine life, visiting Havelock was an enriching experience. The island has some of the best-unspoiled beaches that I have ever come across. 

Something to Keep in Mind 

When we travel to such a pristine and unspoiled paradise, our duty is to keep this places clean and the way it. All of us can do it simply by being mindful of small things like no plastic bags or bottles, not littering around and respecting the diverse form of flora and fauna of the place. 

Have you visited Havelock Before? How was your experience.? Do share it in the comment box. 

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