Bali – A place that has something for everyone , Must visit places in Bali

Turquoise water, pristine beaches, blue skies, fresh air, electrifying atmosphere, warm and friendly people, excellent night life, amazing restaurants & pubs, magnificent architectures, best spas, forest, mountains and what not…Well Bali is a complete package in itself.”


Bali from the Flight.png
Beautiful View from the Flight

Last year, we took 8 days long trip to Bali and believe me, 8 days seemed so less to explore this wonderful destination. With many places yet to visit, I don’t mind visiting this beautiful Island again and again!

Our trip to Bali was really a memorable one! Firstly as it was our first vacation to any International Destination and secondly Bali The kind of relaxation and rejuvenation it offered along with parties and adventure at the same time is simply unmatched. Bali provides plethora of options to suit all kinds of travelers.

During our vacation we stayed at a hotel in Seminyak square, one of the most happening places in town, full of shops, restaurants, lively music and spas. Many of the beaches are walking distance from Seminayak square. We mostly choose to walk to the near by beaches to explore local area and also to save money as our trip was planned on a shoestring budget.

However, one can hire a 2 wheeler or 4wheeler easily, provided you have an international license.

People in Bali are polite and very friendly. Also people here are a big fan of Indian movies and tv serials, at many places we saw people watching mythological serials like Ramayana and Mahabharata with great interest

Here’s a little info about some of the must visit places in Bali…

Beaches – Bali is surrounded by a number of beautiful beaches; each is unique in its own way. However one this is common, all these beaches are neat and clean.

Samanyak Beach – Seminyak is one of the most popular beaches in Bali. Home to some of the most popular fashion stores and top dining spots with international chefs cooking up world-class cuisine all along the streets, from Jalan Petitenget to Jalan Kayu Aya.

Seminyak’s Petitenget Beach offers a more secluded ambiance compared to Kuta and Legian to the south.

Enjoying Sun & sand

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 3.09.19 pm.pngKuta Beach – If you are a party animal, Kuta is the place for you. A very lively place, always crowded with tourist and locals. Restaurants and club are situated all along the roadside. At night you can find the Kuta beach parties among the beach clubs that are guaranteed to entertain. The local Hard Rock Cafe Bali is situated here so you can eat, drink and party whole day and night.

Party all night- sky dome Kuta 
This place doesn’t need an intro 

20140824_190003.jpgNusa Dua beach has many luxury hotels built around it. Swimming here is great as the currents and waves are low. The water is crystal clear for snorkeling. Lembongan is a small island about 7km out of sea from Bali. Nusa Dua is also has the beach where you can enjoy many water sports activities. Also a visit to turtle island is must.




gigantic turtles at turtle island

Pandawa beach – One of the secret beaches of Bali, this beach requires going uphill and downhill a winding street. Along the sides of the road you can see big status of 5 pandawas and their mother Kunti. This beach has got clear turquoise blue water and white send. This serene beach provides an amazing view and one can spend hours looking at the beauty of the sea and surroundings here. There are not many tourists here while you would see local people harvesting seaweed.20140828_142515.jpg



Padang padang beach this small beach is surrounded by greens, small & big rocks and monkeys. One has to pass through the narrow passage and steep steps to reach to this hidden paradise. This secluded beach is covered with huge rocks and small caves for exploration and when the tide is high, it is also good for swimming. water of this beach is crystal clear and you can even see the vegetation inside.



Sanur beach – This beach is located at the coast of village Sanur, south of Bali. It stretches several kilometers long with golden sand and small corals. You can find many shells here. The sea here crystal clear where you can even spot sea creatures like starfish when walking at the beach

Apart from Beaches there are many other must visit places. Few worth mentioning are

 Tanh Lot (temple on the island) Beautiful rock formation surrounded by water that lays as a foundation of a popular pilgrimage temple. Along with religious importance its also one of the most serene & mesmerizing destinations. Try to go there during low tide so that you can experience walking across the water to the temple. Tanh lot also offers a breath taking view of Sun set.

Tanh Lot

Uluwatu Temple – Imagine a large rock cliff with a temple perched on it, by the magnificent Indian Ocean in the backdrop. Picture straight from heaven. Uluwatu temple is situated in the island commonly known as Bukit Peninsula. This Island also includes Bali’s best few beaches like Balangan and Padang padang beach. If you go on higher grounds nearby, you will be rewarded with breathtaking view on either side and sunsets over Uluwatu temple itself.20140828_163619.jpg


mesmerising view from Uluwatu temple

GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) One of its kind cultural park with a breathtaking view of monument, classic attractions and enormous structures. A must visit!

From the classic epic of the adventure of Garuda, to another excitement of watching series of Balinese dances. take an unforgettable journey through the unique themed area of GWK Cultural Park.


20140828_134333.jpg 20140828_132641.jpgTaman Ayun Temple- Taman Ayun Temple, also known as the Royal Temple of Mengwi, is one of the important religious structures built in 1634 by a king of the Mengwi dynasty.This is an impressive complex also known as ‘Garden Temple in the Water.’


Temple area includes a park, beautiful garden and many structures. It’s the largest and most architecturally impressive water temple in the region and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

20140826_121201.jpg Ulundanu temple (Bali’s temple by the lake)

This is on of the most picturesque temple in Bali. Unlike other temples this one is serenely resting at the edge of Lake Bratan and exhibits sheer tranquility. Temple’s reflection in the clear and still waters of the lake adds to the beauty of this spot.

20140829_151653.jpgTwin lake- Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan, separated by a rainforest-covered hill, are known as the Twin Lakes. There is a small restaurant at the viewpoint, which offers local delicacies and fresh juices. Sit by the side of the road on hilltop over viewing the beautiful scene makes you feel like you are on the top of the world.

20140829_141515.jpgUbud royal palace Ubud

Ubud is the heart of Bali, a place where all the action is, one place you cannot miss. Ubud is a total package with the best of Bali, ranging from nature, culture and people, temples, museums, rolling rice/paddy fields and man-made gardens and parks. You can take tour around the place or take up cooking, adventure activites, meditation or have some pampering of spas and massages and also enjoy arts and theatres and not to forget shopping.

20140826_171425.jpgKintamani (mount Batur,the volcano) Mount Batur, the Vocalno is a magnificent site in Kintamani. A climb to this active volcano is a great experience for any active travelers. Many would hike during sunrise for ultimate experience. This hike is relatively easy and the treks are quite well marked. From the peak of the mountain, there are views in all direction to sweep you off your feet.

20140826_145954.jpg20140826_145949.jpgGoa Gajah– Goa Gajah, or Elephant Cave, is located near Ubud. Built in the 9th century, it served as a sanctuary. At the entrance of the cave are the carved faces of various menacing creatures and demons. The primary figure was once thought to be an elephant, hence the nickname Elephant Cave.

20140826_130207.jpgThese are some of the beaches and places that I visited during my vacation to Bali, but this list is not at all exhaustive. There are still many more places and activities to explore in Bali.

20140826_125522.jpgSerenity, tranquility, fun, adventure and peace all at one place. That’s Bali for you!

Luwak – this is from where the expensive Luwak coffee comes from


Somewhere on the way

Few tips for the travelers –

– Bali has got a lot more to offer. 8 days were also not enough to explore all the places. Plan your itinerary keeping your interests in mind.

– The currency in Bali, when converted to other currencies comes in millions. All the conversions just freak you out.

– Vegetarians may find limited options, but there are some nice exclusive vegetarian restaurants.

Happy travelling!

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  1. Glad that you showed a different side of Bali. Most of the things I saw are actually historic places and not the beaches and the modern tourist places. Glad you actually shared that side.

  2. Woah, even with all the beaches and animals, this is a glimpse into the urban life in Bali that I hadn’t seen before. Thank you for all the lovely photos and trip ideas! Good to know that two weeks in Bali may be the absolute minimum.

  3. Bali looks like a really peaceful place. I loved your post and the simple way in which you have described everything:)
    Looking forard for more travel stories 🙂

  4. Wow, so many beautiful beaches and impressive temples! Also, the royal palace, the twin lake, the volcanic mountain, and the elephant cave all sound amazing! I hope to check it all out myself sometime soon! Thanks for sharing these insights! 🙂

  5. Did you try the Luwak coffee and did you like it? I tried the weasel coffee in Vietnam on my recent trip and it was one of the best i ever had. Your trip photos look gorgeous 🙂

  6. Bali has been in my bucket list for so long, and everypst I read about the place inches me closer and closer. This is a nice list especially the beaches. I like the vivid descriptions.

  7. I did not think I would find a Hard Rock Cafe in Bali. Look at the size of those turtles! Tanh Lot would be really cool to see. GWK would also be really cool to see especially from the photo you took looking down the stairs. There is clearly more to see in Bali than just beaches. Thanks for sharing

  8. Bali is a place I would like to visit. I would like to see the beaches, temples, forests, rice terraces and waterfalls. Plus, I know the food there is delicious. There are so many reasons to go. So good you had the opportunity to visit.

  9. There’s so much to explore in Bali! It looks beautiful and like you had so much fun. I need to get there soon…

  10. Indonesia is pretty high on my wish list but not somewhere we have made it to just yet. Tanh Lot looks like fun and pretty close to the shore. I did something like this once but it was a mile across and we had to run on the way back because the water was coming in. 😛 Any idea how long the path stays clear at low tide?

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