A complete guide to Universal Studios, Singapore – For a fun family trip

Being one of the only 2 Universal Studios themed parks in Asia (first one being in Japan) Universal Studios, Singapore is a crowing glory and one of the major attractions in Singapore.During our visit to Singapore last month, we made sure to keep a day aside just to visit Universal Studios. Apart from Universal Studios, we also visited Sentosa Island, read more about it here 1 Day itinerary for a perfect family trip to Sentosa Island, Singapore , Also checkout best family friendly attractions of Singapore here 10 Best Family friendly attractions in Singapore – City Guide


Being my first visit to any theme park, I was really excited but not sure what to expect since we were traveling with our 2.5-year-old toddler. Well I must say Universal Studios was an amazing experience for all of us and we really enjoyed every moment here.

I have put together all the information and tips, which we gathered about the theme park. Hope it will be helpful for those traveling to Universal Studios, Singapore for the first time.

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Universal Studio Singapore Entrance
2. Pic, Universal Studio Singapore.jpg
Beautiful View of the theme park from the other side of the lake

How to reach Universal Studios

Universal Studios is situated in Sentosa Island. One can reach Sentosa Island in many ways either through Bus, Monorail, cable car or by walking. Irrespective of which ever mode of transportation you select, you need to reach Vivo city mall first and then continue from there.

Since we opted for Cable car on our first day visit to Sentosa, this time we chose monorail. We already had MRT pass, so we dint had to buy separate ticket for monorail.

Plan was to start as early as possible and utilize our time to fullest.

Entry Ticket for Universal Studios

One-Day Ticket to Universal Studios costs SGD76 for adults, which includes all the rides and a meal voucher of SGD5. For children from 4 years to 12 years, tickets cost SGD 56 whereas for Senior citizens (Age 60 years and above) it’s SGD 38.Ticket is valid for one time entry within 30 days.

We purchased our tickets from the travel kiosk at Vivo city mall. Since we selected 6 other attractions along with Universal Studios, we got a little discount on the total amount.

Park timings

Timings on the weekdays including Sunday is from 10 am to 8 pm. However it’s extended from 10 am to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.

We visited Universal Studios on Friday so we had the benefit of 2 extra hours but then it’s during the weekends when the park is most crowded and you need to wait for hours to get your turn.

Different Zones and Themes

Universal Studios is spread over a sprawling area of 49 acres and is divided into 7 popular theme Zones each based on blockbuster movies or popular TV shows. Each theme features its own attractions including rides with different difficulty levels, food courts, special shows and shopping areas. All put together, the theme park offers 24 attractions. Universal Studios Singapore has over 30 restaurants and food carts, together with 20 retail stores and carts located around the park.

Map of Universal Studios

Here are the 7 different theme Zones

Madagascar – Madagascar is inspired by the DreamWorks Animation, which features four zoo animals, Alex, Gloria, Marty and Melman escaping from the Zoo and crashing onto Madagascar Island. The zone features tropical jungles as well as two rides.

Since we were not sure of the boat ride with the toddler, we started with the King Julien’s Beach party go round, which was a merry go around, decorated with the Madagascar characters.

Madagascar theme.png
Entry for Madagascar theme Zone
Madagascar theme, universal .png
Gigantic Baobab tree set up
Mery go around, Universal studio
Entrance to Merry go round
Merry go around.png
Merry go round, Universal Studios

Far far away – This theme is inspired by DreamWorks animation’s hit movie Shrek that depicted how the fairy tale characters lived. The zone consists of many recognizable locations from the film series and highlight of the zone is the magnificent “Far Far Away Castle” which houses the 4d movie theater.

Far far away theme offers 3 rides apart from the restaurants and food carts. 

Must watch Show – Shrek 4-D Adventure, which is a 4d movie experience depicting the adventures of Shrek and his quest to save queen Fiona is something you must watch.

far far away castle.png
far far away Castle

 Far far away.png


The lost world – The lost world is divided into 2 parts, Jurassic park and water world. Needless to say, Jurassic park is based on popular film series by Steven Spielberg, here you can spot huge dinosaurs everywhere right from the entrance. The lost world offers 3 rides including the Jurassic park rapids adventure, which is water-ride passing through the Jurassic Park compound, home to several animated dinosaurs, other 2 being canopy flyer and Dino-soaring.

Must watch Show – Water world is based on the film called Waterworld. It features a live action performance that involves stunts and pyrotechnics, on a stage that is set within a large pool of water. The show has different timings we could attend the one at 2.30 pm.

the lost world.png
The Lost world- Jurassic park
the lost world, Universal studio.png
Rides & attractions at the lost world


Dino-soaring, Universal studio,Singapore.png
Dino-soaring ride
Jurasic park .png
One of the classic pics
The lost world Universal studio.png
Exciting water ride
the water world

Ancient Egypt – Based on the architecture and design of golden era of ancient Egypt, this zone welcomes you with larger than life structures including pyramids, mighty pillars, and mythical creatures. Zone has a very rustic and mystic feel about it.

Ancient Egypt offers 2 rides, which include revenge of the Mummy, A high-speed dark ride with sharp turns and fast reverse sections, built within a complex that is partially lighted. Unfortunately you can’t go to this ride with toddlers. Second ride is the treasure hunter, a leisure car ride that drives around Egyptian excavation site. The ride vehicles are modeled to have the look of vintage jeeps.

Ancient Egypt.png
Entry to ancient Egypt theme

 Universal Studio.pngAncient egypt, Universal Studio .png

Sci fi city – As the name suggest, this theme depicts the future world with modern conveniences of life. Here you can spot familiar transformer machines and cars. Sci-fi city is also home to world’s tallest pair and one of the scariest (I felt so) pair of dueling rollar coasters called Battlestar galactica –Human & Cyclon. Offcourse you cannot go here with toddler.

Apart from this Sci-fi also features Accelerator, A whirling twirling ride that spins you around. We could enjoy this ride with our toddler and it was fun.

sci fi city.png
Entry to Sci Fi city
Transformer theme.png
Posing for the transformer pic
dueling roller coaster.png
battle star galactica, dueling rollar coaster


Hollywood – This is the main entrance area of the park. Hollywood walk of fame has all lights and colors to make you feel that suddenly you have stepped into the magical world of movies. The only attraction in this zone is a Broadway-style theatre. Being a replica of the Hollywood Boulevard, this zone is surrounded by unique and colorful architecture and palm trees.

We attended the Sesame Street Show where Sesame Street gang performed a musical stage show.I would say, Hollywood zone, along with New York is one of the bests to take loads of pictures.

 Hollywood theme-Universal Studio.jpg

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 4.11.21 pm.png

New York – Replica of New York city, this zone features various iconic buildings commonly portrayed in movies including the city skyline, beautiful buildings, neon lights, facades, and sidewalks. Special Sesame street character appearances include: Elmo, Big bird, Abby, Bert, Ernie, Grover, Cookie monster and Oscar the Grouch.

New York features Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, which was one of the best rides for the toddlers and kids. The roller costar takes you through the dark passage light up with stars and sesame characters. A must enjoy try ride for the whole family.

Must watch show

Lights! Camera! Action by Steven Spielberg – Very impressive show that takes you through the scenes of hurricane in NewYork city through special effects. The show lasts for few minutes but the effect created is really intense.

Newyork Theme.pngNewyork Universal studio.jpg 

 Essentials to carry

Below is the list of essential items that you should carry (considering travel with toddler) to make your trip to Universal Studios even more comfortable and enjoyable. 

For Sun or open rides

Singapore has a warm tropical climate and its either summer or rain throughout the year. Sun gears for you and your toddler are must, which includes

  • Backpack
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Sunscreen
  • Antiperspirant/ deodorant
  • Facemist

       For rains or water rides

  • Umbrella
  • Swimsuit/ change of clothes
  • Towels

Most Suitable clothes

Since it’s hot and includes a lot of walking, its best to wear light cotton clothes mostly shorts, cotton t-shirts, cullote pants are the best option.

Some tips

  • If possible plan your visit to universal Studios on a weekday, although the cost of the ticket is same, you will find it much less crowded.
  • Start as early as possible to avoid the crowd and enjoy as many rides as possible.
  • If you are traveling with toddlers do carry a stroller or pram as you need to walk a lot and it becomes really hectic otherwise.
  • Don forget to carry a map of Universal Studios with you, it’s a must and really very important so that you don’t get lost or confused

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Complete guide to Universal Studio,Singapore

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  1. I am glad you and your family had a good time at the park. From what I saw in the post, it was tons of fun! There is a Universal Studios close to where I live and I have not been in years. It has changed a lot! I think it is time to go back!

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