5 Events To Celebrate On A Cruise

If you are soon to be planning a social event and are looking for a unique venue, you should consider chartering a cruise for the occasion. There are many benefits to hosting the event on the water, and with that in mind, here are just a few special occasions that warrant a floating party.

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5 Events to celebrate on a cruise

1. Anniversaries – It might be a golden, silver or even a diamond anniversary, and with     affordable cruise hire, you can choose the size of the vessel to suit your guest list and needs. The great thing about hiring a cruise is that everything is arranged for you; they have their own entertainment options, plus you can choose your menu and bar list, and you get to choose your route, of course.

2. Cruise Weddings – Cruise holidays such as those popular harbour cruises Sydney locals go for have enjoyed a boom in recent years, and many young couples are realizing how many benefits there are when you get married on a cruise. We all know how stressful planning a wedding can be, and with your very own event planner, the cruise hire firm take care of absolutely everything. When you factor that into cost, a wedding reception at sea is much cheaper. There are blogs you can find online that talk about cruise weddings and highlight the many benefits of having a floating wedding.

3. Coming of Age Birthdays – There’s no better way to celebrate a 21st birthday than to dance the night away in the calm waters of Sydney Harbour, and with your bar list and menu, you and your guests will have a truly unique experience. The charter company is totally flexible regarding your party and when you compare to the cost of hiring a private venue, celebrating on a cruise is a great idea.

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Celebrate your special occasions on a Cruise 

4. Retirement – There’s no better way to celebrate the start of your retirement than being with family and friends, overlooking Sydney Harbour. You deserve to make this a special occasion, after working for many years, looking forward to what many regard as the golden years. This would make a fantastic surprise for that special person who has reached retirement age. The cruise hire company can handle all the details, they can even make sure that a special cake arrives at the right moment.

5. Graduation Party – Once you finally finish your formal education, this is definitely a time to celebrate by hiring a cruise for you and your friends. You choose everything, the route, the menu, the drinks, music list, and the duration. If, for example, you and your classmates pooled together for a private grad party, that would make for a unique experience and one that all of you would cherish.

Some people get together and hire a cruise for no other reason than enjoying the experience, as the water provides a fantastic backdrop, and if you choose the right location such as Sydney Harbour, you can enjoy spectacular views.

If you would like to learn more about chartering a cruise for a celebration, Google is your best friend and after checking out their many services, you can book an experience not to be forgotten.

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5 events to celebrate in a cruise





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