13 Eye-opening Environmental Documentaries on Netflix India

Do you like watching documentaries or true stories?

If you follow my blog, you knowI love watching mystery series and movies. You can check my previous Blogs here. Best Mystery & thriller series on Netflix, Best Thriller movies on Netflix. But watching a documentary! Honestly, I never gave it a thought. One day (during home isolation) I browsed through a documentary out of curiosity, it impressed me so much that I couldn’t stop exploring since then. Over the past few months, I explored, documentaries covering a variety of topics. 

Through this blog, I am sharing the best environmental documentaries on Netflix. Thought provoking and eye opening, these films will leave you thinking. If nature and environmental conservation is close to your heart, then these are the series you must watch in 2021. 

Best Environmental documentaries on Netflix 

1. Life in colors (2021)

IMBD Rating: 8.3 

Ever wondered why Zebras have stripes or why male peacocks have ornamental feathers? Life in colors is here to provide answers. With a burst of colors, this 3-part Netflix special mini-series by legendary Naturalist Historian, David Attenborough is a visual delight. The series showcases, how colors play an important role in animal kingdom especially when it comes to survival and communication. The show reveals interesting facts and information about how animals see and use the colours to their benefit. Even at 95 years, Attenborough has fabulously narrated the series!  

2.Seaspiracy (2021)

IMBD Rating: 8.2

First Documentary that left quite an impression on me. A thought-provoking film highlighting the impact of human activities on oceans. It showcases, the impact of commercial fishing on marine species and how it’s disturbing the crucial ecological balance. The documentary unfolds the reality of sustainable fishing. Some of the scenes are heart-wrenching and touching. After watching Seaspiracy, I felt good to be a vegetarian. The documentary ultimately advocates reducing or ending fish consumption. A must-watch series. 

3. Magical Andes (2020)

IMBD Rating: 7.8 

An eye-opener, but in a pleasant way. This 2-season series showcases the mystical Andes Mountain range in South America. A gigantic mountain range spread across seven countries with diverse landscape covering snowcapped peaks, dense forest and arid deserts. Each part of Andes is spectacular and has its own charm. The series    

beautifully film how locals at each region have a deep-rooted connection, love and respect for the majestic mountain range. Despite lack of resources and material 

comfort, people live a contented and happy life close to nature. Something we should learn from. I found it soothing and inspiring. It does complete justice in capturing the mind-blowing vistas. I have been dreaming about a backpacking trip to Andes ever since I saw this series. A must watch for all nature & travel lovers. 

4.My Octopus teacher (2020)

IMBD: 8.1

Some films leave you with a feeling to slow down. Leave the fast-paced life and find the ultimate connection with nature. My Octopus teacher is one of them. Slow-paced, beautifully narrated, and spectacularly shot, this incredible documentary narrates the unique relationship between a filmmaker diver and an octopus in the kelp forest off the shore of South Africa. What makes this doc stand out is the remarkable personal connection which moves you. I felt deeply connected to the whole story. Along with great visuals, the story also has an element of suspense while you eagerly wait to know what happened next. 

5. A life on our planet (2020)


Another masterpiece by famous naturalist Sir David Attenborough, A life on our planet is a narration of changes the planet has gone through over the years. Being traveled to all the continents and closely working with wildlife, Attenborough expresses his concerns with the changes the planet has gone through, the current state of affairs, and his future hope. If you care about our planet then it’s a must-watch. Every aspect of the Documentary, be it the visuals, the sound, and the narration is top notch, which makes it a piece of art.  

6. Kiss the ground (2020)

IMBD: 8.3

My introduction to the farming-related documentary was the Biggest Little farm (I learned how challenging eco farming was, how with constant & relentless efforts, it was made possible). Unlike most of the documentaries, this one doesn’t only show the destruction of our beautiful planet, rather provides solution for its restoration. It tries to awaken people to the possibility of regeneration. Narrated by Woody Harrelson, Kiss the ground sheds the light on a new approach to farming called regenerative farming. It shows how regenerative farming can protect our environment. A must-watch for everyone. 

7. Rotten (2018)

IMBD: not rated 

A series based on “true crime” in the food production industry. It unfolds the challenges small farmers, local manufacturers and consumers go through because of issues like corruption, food adulteration, Flawed Government policies, etc. Each episode of this informative series unveils the reality and challenges of a particular food industry. An eye-opener is definitely worth a watch. 

8.Untamed Romania (2018)


A breathtaking series highlighting the natural wonders and wilderness of Romania during four seasons. This documentary uncovers the remarkable mountains of Carpathian, the Danube Delta, and Transylvania. These untouched landscapes form undisturbed habitats for legendary animals of the region. Stunning cinematography, breathtaking vistas, and perfect narrative makes it worth watching. 

9. Chasing corals (2017)

IMBD: 8.1

Coral reefs across the world are shrinking at an unprecedented rate. These magnificently colorful creatures are the most essential part of the ocean ecosystem as they are habitats for millions of sea creatures. Chasing corals unfolds the mysteries of the underwater world while trying to understand the reason for its destruction. A team of divers, scientists, and photographers have recorded underwater life for 650 hours across 30 countries to make Chasing corals. This 2017 series is a wake-up call to protect this underwater treasure before it’s too late. 

10. A Plastic Ocean (2016)


As the name suggests, Plastic Ocean is film shot by Australian journalist Craig Leeson. It dives deeper into the disastrous impact of plastic pollution on our marine life. An informative and thought-provoking documentary. The movie starts as an adventure to film the blue whale leading to shocking scenes of thick plastic derbies in the middle of the ocean. An eye opener on the immediate need to do our bit to minimize plastic usage. 

11. Into the inferno (2016)


Directed by German film maker Werner Herzog, Into the Inferno features different volcanos around the world and people living around them. In this documentary, Herzog along with volcanologist and co-director Clive Oppenheimer explores volcanoes in Indonesia, North Korea, Iceland, and Ethiopia and how each one of them is connected to a strong belief system. Personally, I find volcanoes very intriguing and mysterious, this informative series intrigued me further.  

12.Tales by light (2015)


A joint venture between National Geographic and Canon, this series follows the work of professional photographers and showcases what it takes to capture a powerful image. These images with a strong story behind have the power to change the world. Shot across 15 countries over a year, this awe-inspiring series makes you want to learn more and more about the world we live in. The series touches upon issues related to children, Marine life etc.  

13. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014)

IMBD: 8.2

If Seaspiracy was an eyeopener, Cowspiracy was startling. As the name suggests, the movie is about conspiracy concerning environmental issues and sustainability. An aspiring environmentalist Kip Anderson tries to find the solution to pressing environmental issues and discover shocking facts about the Animal agriculture industry being the biggest contributor to global warming. Something that’s not acknowledged by some of the biggest agencies (Oceana, Greenpeace to name a few) in the world. The movie is both supported and criticized by Scientist and environmentalists. Even if some facts are exaggerated, this controversial documentary brings to attention some crucial issues and the role we should play in saving the planet. 

To sum up 

These are some of my favorite environmental documentaries on Netflix India. All of them are eye-openers as they open your eyes to reality, be it starling or pleasant. They make us realize, it’s our responsibility to protect Mother Nature and all of us must play our part. No matter how minuscule it is. 

Which is your favorite environmental documentary? 

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    1. great list of suggestions! I will certainly watch ‘into the inferno’ with my son, he loves volcanos! I watched Seaspiracy already (bit with my son) and it was eye opening!

  1. These are great recommendations! I have seen Seaspiracy and it has opened my eyes. I can’t wait to watch the other documentaries 🙂

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