10 Best Family friendly attractions in Singapore – City Guide

Singapore, without any doubts, is one of the most developed, sophisticated, clean and expensive countries in Asia.

Fact that impresses me the most is how a small country with mainland area of just 50 km from East to West and 27 kilometers from North to South has developed so many jaw dropping attractions in a limited space. It’s a challenging task to decide which one to leave. Everything looks so attractive and unique. This realization came to us the moment we decided to take up Singapore as our next holiday destination.

From high-end malls, luxury hotels, beautiful green spaces, fine dinning options, happening party scenes to unlimited fun activities and attractions. Singapore has no dearth of option to keep you and your family busy.

Initially we thought, 4 days are enough to explore the city, but once we started short-listing, we realized 4 days was hardly anytime even to visit the most popular ones.

1.Merlion Park, Panoramic view.png
Glistening Singapore Skyline with Iconic buildings

However some how we managed to explore some of the most popular attractions and here is the list of 10 must see attractions in Singapore.There are many more, which are still on my wishlist and I am keeping them for the next time.


1.Merlion Park – Well almost everybody would have seen landmark icon of Singapore – the Merlion. A mythical creature with the head of lion and body of a fish, located in the most affluent part of the city. Take a stroll to Merlion Park in the evening and enjoy breath-taking view of skyscrapers including the iconic Marina bay sands along with Singapore flyer and many other architectural marvels.

Take a picture with Merlion statue in a picture perfect backdrop of glistening skyline or Grab a chilled drink in one of the many pubs situated by the river. Merlion Park will surely have a lasting impression on anybody. Biggest plus point unlike other attractions, here you don’t have to shell money for entry.

Tips: You can also enjoy the light and water show all-free of cost

1. View from Merlion park.png
The light and Sound show -from Merlion Park


1. Merlion park view.png
Cant get enough of this view



1.Merlion park.png
Iconic Merlion at Merlion Park



1. merlion park entrance.png
Merlion park entrance 

2.Gardens by the bay – Of many other attractions, this was something that amazed me the most. Something, which I had never seen before. “Gardens by the Bay” is a nature park spanning 100 hectares of beautifully landscaped area. The park has 3 waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. The most prominent places here are the two conservatories – Flower dome and Cloud forest along with Super tree grove. Flower dome showcases the exotic blooms and trees from different parts of the world.


Second dome, the cloud forest will transport you into the mysterious and misty tropical mountains showcasing rare flora and beautiful orchids. Walk through the cloud walk to enjoy the breath-taking top view of the misty forest. The most striking feature here is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

Supertree grove- Probably the most stunning part of the Gardens, Super trees are tall canopies like vertical gardens dotting the area. Supertree grove looks most splendid and mystical during the nights with a beautiful display of lights. A walk along the 22-metre-high OCBC Skyway on aerial walkway that connects two of the Super trees is an amazing experience. Something that shouldn’t be missed is Rhapsody lights and music show at Supertree Grove, which will surely transport you into a magical fairy tale world

Tips: keep sufficient time at hand to explore the Gardens completely. Best time to visit is evening, entry to the dome closes at 8 p.m.Light and sound show starts at 7.45 p.m. and 8.45 p.m.

2.gardens by the bay.png
Gardens by the bay during night
2.Cloud forest waterfall.png
Indoor waterfall at Cloud forest


2.Cloud forest-1.png
Cloud walk at Cloud dome


Super tree grove – Gardens by the Bay

Marina bay sands- The iconic architectural marvel is one of the most prominent parts of Singapore Skyline. Apart from being a Super luxury hotel, Marina bay sand offers shopping extravaganza at The Shoppes mall which houses some of the worlds most upscale brands and celebrity chef restaurants. ArtScience Museum in a unique Lotus inspired building, Award winning Broadway musicals at MasterCard Theatres. And above all Sands SkyPark, which crowns the 3 buildings and offers a breath-taking 360-degree view from the observation deck. If you are staying at the hotel then you can enjoy the largest infinity pool literally hanging in the sky.

Tips: Best part is you don’t have to stay in the Hotel to enjoy many of the attractions like shopping mall, ArtScience museum, SandSky Park.

3.Marina bay sands.png
Marina bay sands

4. Little India – Experience the bit of India in Singapore at Little India. Located at a short distance from the opulence of Bay front area, Little India is one of the vibrant ethnic districts of Singapore. Perfect place to explore and experience Indian culture, Hindu temples, mouth-watering Indian cuisine, shopping (not heavy on the pocket).

4.view of little India from hotel, Singapore.png
top view of little India from our hotel

Singapore Zoo – Although I am not a great fan of Zoo, Singapore Zoo is a place you should visit if you are travelling with the Kids. Its well maintained with variety of animals from different continents. Zoo also has train facility to drop you from one station to another. Only disadvantage that you have to stand in a long queue to get your turn.Apart from the Zoo, there are 3 other options.

  • Jurong Bird Park – With 5000 varieties of birds, Jurong Birds Park is one of the popular tourist attractions.
  • Night Safari – Worlds first nocturnal zoo with 1000 nocturnal animals
  • River Safari- with more than 6000 Aquatic and Land Animals from 200 Species, River Safari Boasts River Giants and Mega Fishes of the Animal Kingdom.
5 Singapore Zoo.png
Singapore Zoo

5.Singapore Zoo.png

Singapore Zoo

6. Duck tour – Unique city and harbor tour, an amphibious ride on an authentic Vietnam War craft. This vintage and one of its kind vehicle covers both land and sea during the tour, which lasts for an hour. The tour guide shares interesting facts about the country and its history. We really enjoyed this tour, especially after a long day of walking this was a relaxing moment for us.

Tips: Pick up and drop point for the DUCK Tour is Suntech Convention center and it operates from 10 a.m to 6 p.m.Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.20.54 pm.png

6.Duck tour .png
While taking the Duck tour
6.Ducktour .png
On the land
the duck tour vehicle

7.Sentosa Island –Sentosa is a recreation island, offering host of fun activities including some of the best attractions that Singapore has to offer. Sentosa is connected with Singapore through road, Monorail, cable car and walking broadway. But I suggest cable car ride to enjoy the breathtaking view of the harbour. Attractions at Sentosa include world-class luxury resorts, Tiger Sky Tower, Singapore Butterfly & Insect Kingdom, Waterpark, beaches, Michelin restaurants, Universal Studios and one of the largest collections of aquatic animals in the world, SEA Aquarium and much more. Sentosa is a best place to spend fun-filled weekend. (If possible prefer a weekday)

Tips: Cable car or monorail starts from Vivo City mall. You need one complete day to quickly explore Sentosa Island and its major attractions excluding Universal studio (which requires atleast half a day it self)Read more about Sentosa Island in my blog

1 day itenerary for a perfect family trip to Sentosa Island.  

7.Merlion Santosa.png
Iconic Merlion at Sentosa

7.Santosa island.png

7.top view of santosa from Cable car.png
Top view of Sentosa from cable car

8.SEA Aquarium – Some experiences can’t be explained and that’s what I would say about Sea Aquarium. This was my first visit to a large aquarium and it left me completely spellbound. Seeing the giant stingrays, sharks, corals and many more aquatic creatures, which I don’t even recognize, was intriguing. SEA Aquarium is home to 100000 marine creatures. Main attraction here is the centerpiece, a gigantic aquarium for the Open Ocean habitat, which makes you feel like you’re on the ocean floor. Just sitting and observing the fishes moving along with the beautiful background music is an overwhelming experience.Checkout all the details and pics in my next blog!

8. Sea Aquarium.png
Mesmerising Marine world -SEA Aquarium Sentosa

8.Sea Aquarium- gaint open sea habitat.png


9. Wings of Time – One of the most magnificent 3D lazer light and sound show. I feel Wings of times is a must visit show, if you are planning to visit Sentosa Island. Show narrates the story of a mythical bird and 2 Kids and their journey across breathtaking landscapes in different times. The show creates a Magical atmosphere cutting edge technology, light and sound.

Tips: Show timings 7.40pm & 8.40pm daily. Grab the best seat in advance.

9. Wings of time .png

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 6.13.45 pm.pngScreen Shot 2018-06-14 at 6.12.47 pm.png

10. Universal studio –Theme Park located in the resort world Sentosa, offering 24 thrilling rides, 5 d Movie experience and many other attractions based on different movie themes. Entering Universal Studio is like stepping into a glamorous and magical world of movies, dreams and fantasies

There are seven uniquely designed movie-themed zones offering different experiences including popular ones like Jurassic Park, Madagascar, Egyptian, Hollywood, Sci- fi etc.A place full of fun and excitement, definitely a must visit.

Tips: Universal studio opens from 11 am to 6 pm but on Fridays and Saturdays it remains open till 10 pm. Many of the rides include water activity so it’s better to carry extra clothes.

10 universal studio entrance.png
Universal studio Sentosa
10 Universal Studio.png
Scary isn’t it !

10 Universal studio rides.png10 Universal Studio, Singapore.pngWell this was all from my side. Have you visited Singapore? What are your favorite attractions? Do share in the comment box.

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  1. As a local from Singapore, I must tell you that is is one of the most exceptional guides I’ve read! You’ve definitely included some of the best attractions which families should visit. For the more adventurous types, I would recommend bouldering in Singapore! Keep up the awesome work.

    1. Thanks so much lydia..i am really glad and greatful that these words are coming from local. Surely in my next visit i would love to explore more of this beautiful place.

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    1. Hi lauren its expensive as compared to most of the Asian countries but offcourse manageable. I am sure one can find options to fit the budgets. Things like public transport and very well developed and cost effective

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  13. I had no idea that Singapore was so physically small. Amazing that they fit so many attractions in. They all seem to sparkle. How very exciting. Also, I never heard of the merlion, so thanks for sharing a few pictures of it. Those of us outside of Asia who have not visited Singapore apparently have plenty to learn.

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  17. Hi .. a great post on singapore.. i have been there 2 years ago and visited all of these places . It was a great trip.. I would like to say that you have mentioned Sentosa as Santosa throughout the post.. Can you please verify it?? Thanks..

  18. Hi .. a great post on singapore.. i have been there 2 years ago and visited all of these places . It was a great trip.. I would like to say that you have mentioned Sentosa as Santosa throughout the post.. Can you please verify ? Correct me if I am wrong too ..


  19. I have been to Singapore twice and can’t wait to go back again. Even though I’m a solo traveler, you have some great suggestions here that I will keep in mind for my next trip.

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  26. I am planning a trip to Singapore in the next few months, I can confidently say this is by far the best guide I have read. I have never heard of duck tour and Wings of Time, and I’ll cover them too. Were you able to cover all these in 4 days?

  27. This is really a good article. I have got now a clear view of Singapore places of family and friendly attractions. My plan is now set and the goals are too where i need to visit. The photos are also good. Thanks for the writing.

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  29. WoW it sounds amazing, really makes me want to go and visit Singapore with my kids!
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  30. Wow, what an incredible article! I’m absolutely blown away by the detailed descriptions of all the family-friendly attractions in Singapore. After reading this, I feel like I have a crystal-clear plan for my upcoming trip, and I can’t wait to check out all the amazing places that were highlighted in the article.

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